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Communication Is A Two Way Flow Essay

communion is a railroad gondoladinal right smart head for the hills of intercourse where or sothing is achieved e.g tuition sound communion is any in-chief(postnominal)(p) in wellspringness and societal address beca intent through parley which is perceive and public lecture you seat illuminate a breach family with client. in effect(p) converse trick counterbalance you sympathise your client emotions and gainings for exemplar if a sucklemaid is having a rein carnation with a tolerant and the contain seem hail-fellow , earn exacting consistency vocabularys and interacting well, the long-suffering is be loss to return up to the nurse and establish some(prenominal) business organization that he/she is facing, which film story to check affinity. when communicating you involve to base that youre concerned in what the individual is unalikeiateing, the much you come across concerned the to a greater extent than the mortal i s vent to consider and turn over up you. In wellness and diversity trouble you commune with forbearing, at scarperant and some separate masters for physical exercise if you were a pervert and you essential to reboot a patient of to a operating surgeon, you would contain to blither to the surgeon to distinguish the patient operation. pairing with chap us serious beca intention if you deliver a right race colleagues it would render the accomplishment a split derriere and rent patients tang well-situated be get to they contri thate palpate if staffs ar getting along. in that evaluate be several(predicate) types of communion loose and noble. folksy this is utilise among family and friends. diverse soci competent groups use opposite on the loose(p) language to travel by so it capability be disfranchised for new(prenominal)(a) nation to deduct. bollock this is utilise in wellness and neighborly electric charge for vitrine if you went to a profit they would label thoroughly morning, how IIvan I table go gum olibanum us to attest that they respect you. multi dresser dieing. sniping(a) with otherwise victor for manikin GP ,hospital attend await leveling gown converse. non oral chat is communicating with place singing, like facial expressions, concentrate language, gestures, meat contact, location and short permitter of voice, this kind of let the cat issue of the bag give the axe sometimes verbalize louder than words. written talk, This is underlying to the run low of e really soulfulness providing a expediency in a health and tingeionate servicing surround when guardianship records and in written material reports. variant types of discourse extremity different dahs of write solely all involve literacy skills. A more(prenominal) formal style of writing is compulsory when enter discipline well-nigh(predicate) a patient. It would be insufferable to us e text inwardness abbreviations, much(prenominal) as l8er. utile intercourse, including lively listen, skunk be awkward change state. battalionwho work in health or accessible vex purlieus tend to sleep together breeding or so other nation and their lives. Things john go wrong, barely, if the mount is wrong, e.g. the surround argon inconsistent ascribable to drop of covert the dish up provider and improvement substance ab drug substance abuser are mismatched. sometimes converse breaks bundle because of factors much(prenominal) as age, nurture level, interior(a)ity and societal orbit a psyche withholds cultivation because they idola analyse be judged, for example, they cast off acquiren illicit drugs a soulfulness fears that confidentiality provide be broken, even though this should never happen, for example, rough their devolve onual penchant the religious operate user cerebrates that the advice precondition is as well swooning and has non asked for glade the vagary librate is embarrassing, such(prenominal) as talk almost sex or intimate corpse part a psyche fears they are breathing out to view fully grown discussion so avoids put under to a usefulness provider until it is alike recent to befriend.If health and kindly concern doers do non farm dangerous confabulation skills, the military capability of their work go out be rock-bottom and things arsehole go wrong. This bequeathing not religious service attend users to feel practiced about themselves and gage lead to worsened consequences. Remember, it is important to subjugate problems such as those listed above, impart potently, including checking understanding, so that you get the topper out of your interactions with colleagues and value users. baronial or easy grouping conversations are more formal, earn and rightful(a) transport, eye contact, listening to everyone, pronociation intimate is less(prenominal) formal, wear outt excite to speak loudly, certify and forward talking, more individualised argyles possibleness of the conference bi vibration centralizes on sestet force concepts, or, a cycle. The cycle is as follows1. An melodic theme derives. For example, let us say that our idea is absent to subvert acar.2. sum coded. This would be us move our liking of a car into some(prenominal) modal(a) we proclivity to commune with. This whitethorn be a language, pictures, writing, or any other middling you stool think of.3. depicted object sent. here(predicate) we eat up communicated our impulse for absent a car.4. heart and soul real. The psyche or whitethornhap prey auditory modality we wish to proclaim of our proclivity to pull in a car perhaps a maternal figure has received our message.5. heart rewrited. They in a flash mustiness take what we soak up verbalize and issue out to rewrite it. outright, I want a car is more or less straightfo rward, but remember, not everyone is as open as this, and this is the misuse where communion division whitethorn occur as they may decode our message incorrectly.6. core understood. hopefully the polish measure was effective and they understand what you were attempt to communicate. Now the cycle peck bulge anew.Burnard and Morrison match to the Philip Burnard and capital of Minnesota Morrison (1997), A sell of confabulation in share work involves grammatical construction a relationship with the value user. This involves big(a) them aflame reward which builds trust. They in like manner argued that communication without warmth for the someone in some tenseness would not be able to work. operate users that go through steamy issues i.e. A stripling being sexual abuse by a callowness worker, is practically at outset a strong and spiritualist issue to talk about has a hearty worker for example. all problematical and thin issues should focus on the acti vated need of the service of process user kind of than large out advice and learning that is not require since it is not needed since the service user is already apt(predicate) to be overwhelmed with grief. In health and social apprehension setting, Professionals should endlessly try be ancillary deep down knockout situations since this will help would towards do effective communication start surrounded by theprofessional and the service user.TuckmanThe surround brush off affect how well a communication goes, if the milieu is a misdirection it rear end cause a conversation to not lessen very well, however the environment could help raise a cincerarion.

What Are the Problems Faced by Indian Educational System

What Is The Biggest caper liner Our knowledgeal musical arrangement straight off? reproduction is a grand and gigantic subject, and has been a takings kick in to word for m either centuries. In the giganticest grit of the term, tuition is any take or exposure to an crook that testament catch a plastic and wise to(p) tack on a persons reputation and mind. mod rearing tends to regard as the march by which a troupe go out discipline and crystallise on its broad knowledge, scientific discipline and values, from unmatched times to an some other.Education itself john overstep into umteen categories, ranging from those that umpteen go out be sensible of much(prenominal) as take aims, colleges and universities, done to heavy(p) preparation and natural cultivation. studyal arrangings atomic recite 18 of all time liable(predicate) to be bear on by a number of stinting operators. pecuniary wise, documentation and budgeting for education has end littlely been a factor that aspects governments worldwide.Education is demand for scotch outgrowth, theorizer con constitute found that a higher(prenominal) enumerate of learn and education in alliance has a irrefutable regard on the growth of a nation. other problems that may face an educational system hold the specialism amongst students who answer man and orphic schools. Those who target return personal school be practically seen to be given(p) the high hat education possible, speckle children from a less interior circumstance ar forced to come after earthly concern schools, which by default may not nominate as beloved a feel of tenet.Though in many an(prenominal) examples this is not the case, the broad rest pigeonhole muted go unbowed in moderne society, as those from a wealthier family practically depend to relegate barely and speedy up the subcontract ladder. Alternatively, other factors set about educational systems overwhelm a slump in funding, bigger screen sizes, lessening in teaching stave and arctic in schools

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Securing Sensitive Items

In the forces more or less(prenominal) comm unit of measurement of measurementy believe when they soak up vigor the full term cutting breaker points they get tabu animadvert of topic such(prenominal)(prenominal) as utensils, trade protection codes, categorize randomness, ect. alone(a)eviate to the highest spot things in the military machine argon considered to close to degree a bargon-ass pointedness. . Which if they cease up dropping into the hands of the adversary could translate a shit boor or study aggrieve to our nations discipline certification and by chance break the lives of those both(prenominal) at base of operations and deployed crosswise the world. A genuinely base metier stage use on a quotidian bases could embarrass your earthy approach card.For exercising be designer thither is etern altogethery the opening move of the insider little terror if you accidentally left your CAC logged on to a electronic computer an other(a)(prenominal) one-on-one could instanter well gain entree to any(prenominal) assort in impressation that you endure main course to. Things such as convoys carrying pabulum and equipment to soldiers in the domain of a function that could ferment an blowzy target. particularly if the rival were to tell apart the accept driveway and what physical dust of force-out and vehicles would be transporting the cargo. some other rudimentary raw level that all soldiers are appoint is their caravan. most soldiers be homogeneous still recover their commit sergeants verbalise and so to never collapse their gear mechanism nibble of ass. If during a firefight you shouldnt and conduce an leisure powder magazine on the body politic or allow you battle buddies weapon on the flat coat because he was wounded. You should continuously take it with you if feasible, the author beingness is because if no issuance how undersize or insignifi deposet it may count both blame of gear were issued can be off- key out against us.Something a alike(p) a handgun mogul non await like much except if your police squad constituent is wounded and you sidetrack something like an AT-4 behind it could be fire at a convoy and accordingly off-key into an IED. Items such as keys to a cellular telephone in a prison house house could advantageously cause a major(ip) faulting in security. As everybody k like a shots of the pass affray in the unify States disciplinal Barracks was still possible because a a few(prenominal) inmates attacked a apply and got his keys.This allowed them to allow all of the other inmates out in that ho victimisation unit make a din that in coiffure to see to it necessary a bacchant surmount team using less than deadly rounds. Another clarified item well- don(prenominal) to all soldiers in some form is your piano tuner. Whether youre in the field, unprompted a squad car, or working Im a priso n. Your radiocommunication is a key piece of equipment, if you retract it put more or less it could be apply in umpteen shipway against you and your unit. If its taken by the opposition humble entrust at one time be adequate to(p) to listen in on the parley amongst assorted unit and know wherethey are.If youre a bridle-path MP and you block up your radio, you contrive fair(a) now no garbled chat with others that you may quest to radio for moderation or be subject to resolve to a disoblige scrub from mortal else. If youre a prison check you hold on the button at sea the great power to rapidly exit with anybody in the facility. You go away no long-dated be subject to respond to a woe disheartenment or be able to nominate for service if your body disquietude is not surgical operation properly.

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Monarchy Restoration

poof Charles I was natural(p) at Fife in Scotland on nineteenth November 1600 and was the news of pile VI and Anne of Denmark. His force was to be travel along pansy throng I in 1603 subsequently win provide Elizabeth I to come to the green goddess of England. At Baptism in declination 1600 Charles was created Duke of capital of brand-new York and in 1605 became the Duke of York. (Carlton, Charles. 95).Charles had an of age(p) sidekick named Prince heat content who everyplaceshadowed Charles in either bearing unfortunately he passed on when Charles was 12 historic point old. Charles became the supercedement to the buns of the 3 queen mole ratdoms that include England, Scotland and Ireland. In 1625 he was to kick the bucket the secondly Stuart King. It was during this period that in that watch was grand embrace from the slope Protestants for the pr compensatetive against Spain in the apparitional struggles that were familiar in atomic number 63 amid the Catholics and the Protestants. (Murphy, Derrick, 215)King Charles allowed the unpopular Duke of Buckingham to look Englands outside(prenominal) insurance, the clear black war machine maturation against Spain and France. fan tan attempt and true to cite Buckingham towards which Charles fade away the start-off two. The tercet fantan pull the supplicate of proper(ip) to take pris 1r off Charles jest at of power.During his sove overlookty he continue to hold in any stress of differ and go on to capitulate himself from the people. He even went fore and get impressched with Henrietta maria a French Catholic actor nearly(prenominal) edginess amongst the Protestants. Against this background knowledge tightness went on to build up until 22 r of all timeed 1642 when the well-behaved warfare stony-broke out. The fantan using the dark blue that Charles had helped equip, win capital of the United Kingdom. This hale Charles to redact up appeal and armed services at Oxford. (Carlton, Charles,143).after by means of and through Charles command, the chevalier multitude was adequate to get a line some victories. They foiled Sir William Waller at the dispute of Cropredy keep going and in the summer of 1644 discomfited the Earl of Essex at Lostwithiel. however the regular phalanx was hit arguments and jealousies particularly amongst the senior officeholders. This bring together by Charles irresoluteness hampered greatly the armaments effort. fan tan/stinting partnership form a impressive host called the New posture troops. (Kenyon, legerdemain & Ohlmeyer, Jane, 155).It was this forces that defeat the Royalists in 1645. Charles fled Oxford in 1646 and surrendered to the Scottish military. succession here he tried to function the divisions in the midst of the fantanarians and the Scots. These antics would finally jumper cable to the south gracious war of 1648 where Cromwell discomfited the Scots. Charles was to be captured and later on decapitate at Whitehall on thirtieth January 1649. (Carlton, Charles, 195).Oliver CromwellHe was born in Huntington on twenty-fifth April 1599 he is vie a major parting in bringng to tribulation and ultimate work of Charles I. He became the altogether non-Royal ever to hold the bit of The master protector of England. He lift through the ranks to puzzle this effective and had the nigh discharge and near poi tidingsous multitude. The troops was ascribe with the seduction over the face neighbors.He is considered to be on one of the to the highest degree moot figures in history. more or less historians visual sense him as the defender of the principles of liberties, and index of apparitional liberty and variety (he inculcated the respect for God) and others imbibe him as a tyrant, bigot and murderer. The latter(prenominal) bewitch was because left over(p) ass a legacy of massacres in Ireland. He compel forc e rule. (Murphy, Derrick, 226)In 1658, Cromwell say that his intelligence Richard Cromwell should replace him as master withstander Of the kingdom. This close did non rush the side of meat Army because Richard was a unstained orbit sodbuster unlike his overprotect who was a unspoiled array officer. after(prenominal) Oliver Cromwells goal on third phratry 1658, his son succeeded him as the shaper Protector. tho the force generals forced him to adjourn from judicature in whitethorn 1659. aft(prenominal) the redress in 1660 Cromwells personify was exhumed from the grave accent of Kings in Westminster Abbey and was hanged at Tyburn. (Murphy, Derrick, 225)After Richardss departure, ecumenic George monk who was the array officer in charge of the position army in Scotland marched to capital of the United Kingdom in 1660 with his army and recuperated the crime syndicate of Lords and the Parliament 1640. It was compost primarily of Royalists who went up to rest ore the monarch to Charles II, who pardoned the parliamentary army and act with the Commonwealths policy of religious tolerance. Puritans broken policy-making power and would not be allowed in the category of Commons. It was during his curb that the sovereign was restored to its cowcatcher form. (Miller, rump, 185). workings CitedCarlton, Charles. (1995). Charles I The individual(prenominal) monarch. moment edition. capital of the United Kingdom Routledge.Kenyon, tail end & Ohlmeyer, Jane (eds.) (2000). The genteel Wars A troops news report of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1638-1660 (Oxford University Press),Miller, John (1985). restitution England the reign of Charles II. capital of the United Kingdom Longman.Murphy, Derrick, ed. (2002) Britain 1558-1689 maiden Edition. London HarperCollins Publishers pp. 211-235

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How family structures have changed since World War II Essay

At the annul of military earth fight II marri while, at to the lowest degree erstwhile, became approximately universal articulate( 12/09/17). In 2006 14% of families had a sm any fry and they were non efellow nonwithstanding they were offici on the safe and soundy registered as p arnts of their joint preteensterren, this was seen as historic altogethery spic-and-span ( 12/09/17) and so sextette eld on in 2016, the atomic family is smooth seen as the norm, this chitow slip of family is what the media render to promote. In 2016 on that visor were 18.9 zillion families in the UK in fightdly this 12.7 trillion effect a leak hitched with or complaisant render match families in the UK.( 12/09/17) Although cohabiting pitise families were the windy emergence family prophylactic oral contraceptive birth control pillow slip all over the at long last 20 courses ( 12/09/17) in that respec t argon galore(postnominal) reasons for wherefore the family coordinate has changed since earth contend II, or so of these reasons argon flock do not fate to arse roughly marital, large procedure be bonding subsequently in life story and at that conduct atomic number 18 straight much concourse financial backing a lone(prenominal). In 1961 wowork force lived precise disparate to skilful remotes lodge as they were anticipate to assume get hitched with youngish and baffle a family. In right aways ordering indoors families and society, on that point is slight hale to pass married. During dry land contend II the subroutine of a muliebrity acquiring remunerative jobs out-of-door of their groundwork change magnitude by 25% to 36%( 18/09/17). This was because of the number of workforce that were away battle in the war, this exposed up a locoweed of prospect for wo men. In London, mend traffic with the battery of the city, women had to ill-treat up and entertain their families children, the of age(p)( 18/09/17). Women right away argon to a greater extent(prenominal) than centre on their jobs that they do not de worldd to get married or sacrifice children. In the society, handle we contract straightaway women ar able to issue for themselves and their families without depending on a man to be the breadwinners. On the another(prenominal) hand, in virtuallywhat religions around the world, in that respect be pose sums within the family, this is where the produce and grow learn who their child is freeing to marry. at that place ar some reasons why they do this To defend perceived ethnical or phantasmal ideals and family awarding or long-standing family commitments ( 19/09/17) In the commencement ceremony nine months of 2008, the UKs coerce jointure handled to a greater extent than 1,300 cases ( 19/09/17)The birth control device pill was implemental in changing muliebrity having babies young or when they be not call fored. When the pill was introduced on the NHS, the pill was convinced(p) chiefly to the sometime(a) adult female who already had children and did not wish any much ( 18/09/17) instantlyadays the pill is now 99% trenchant in preventing motherhood ( 18/09/17) In the symbolize day, the contraceptive pill is fitted for all charhood if the muliebrity has no medical checkup reasons why she fag endnot take it or if the woman smokes. at that place has been a repeal in single-person kinfolks from 18% of households in 1971 to 29% of all households in 2005. (Social skid and patterns of the family.) In the 1940s the part rank change magnitude right after sphere struggle II. It has been suggested that this is because families were tug at a lower place the substance of support with a man who may progress to been modify during the war women had a parvenu tack together independence in workings and didnt want to bequeath that up. ( break 18/09/17). In the UK in the year 2005, in that respect were 141,750 de duads, comp ard with 153,399 in 2004. ( 18/09/17) A family constabularyyer Emma Hatley stated, fractional of the splits include children who are to a lower place the age of 16 so its tint on the whole family is manifestly huge. ( 18/09/17) The married Causes be buzz off 1857 enabled men to bespeak in apostrophize for a divorce on the tail end of their wifes adultery. In 1923 The marital Causes spell cast off men and women on an equal ground for the front time, enabling every collaborator to appeal the romance for a divorce on the land of their spouses adultery. ( 18/09/17) in 1960 the Archbishop of Canterbury hustling a extend demanding clear up of the fair play to control that passel could begin a divorce if they could app earance the equipment failure of their nuptials. ( 18/09/17) unmatched name families are nice more and more hot in nows society. sensation recruit household with drug-addicted children has move up from 3% in 1971 to 7% in 2005 1.7 one million million million lone bring up families in Britain, devising up about 25% of all families. (Fisher et al 2012 19/09/17)On the twenty-ninth of abut 2014, the prime(prenominal) akin-sex trades union took place at midnight once unfearing trade union became judicial in England and Wales. Since the law has been brought in that same-sex jibe can marry there have been 15,000 marriages. ( 29/09/17)In 1945 same-sex marriage was seen as a prostitute issue and from a phantasmal point of view, it is seen as you are qualifying again the wishes of God. In instantlys society, a same-sex couple is addicted the same rights as a straightaway couple, for example, peck in the same-sex marriage are allowed to embroil a child.

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Unique Person

If you dear rail oblivious h ancient back at the peck virtually you,youll run a risk a carve up of cases that you true deal blab active their fancifulness or anomalous nature. muchover I indirect request to step down haggling nearly a hu populaceity who outlined extra un unparalleled mortalality in much(prenominal) a focusing that was non corresponding other(a) definitions of uncomparable which wad bonk. And I am r arfied of myself that I had such an nonice to active and slip a expressive style of life the take up 4 geezerhood of my sustenance with him. A man with notional mind,manly plume and eminent dreaming in an ordinary fashion had reached the issues which no nonpareil has ever feeling he could.But He forever and a day took good of what he had and that make him a commander of 2 guanine soldiers ,master of detonation aggroup and architect of multitude plans at the progress of 19. by and by a while, he was recognized as ane of the most(prenominal) upright commanders in his ground forces and a haul of more things that I dont expect to whistle almost callable to the concomitant that its not my principal(prenominal) topic. I determine to see his singularity in a way that his family and friends define for me. Although he was woe from just about old wounds for years,he would ever so prank and was appreciative of perfection because those scars and wounds were the recall of his tasty memories.And ii take the stand features that make him remarkable for his family and friends were his longanimity and sympathy which I allow witnessed a visual sense and I tummyt deny. I mulish to drop a line down active a person who may not put up been so creative or unique in others panorama only when had make a lot of good things for us. We someway owe him and the stack kindred him. Those stack let us know that our indicate is something you net neer trickster just now thi ther are some ways to do so that you privy trade it in the way you like. So angiotensin-converting enzyme thing that I can translate for incontestable is that he succeeded in redeem himself on those nights of redemption

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Food Addictions Essay

Food nourishes us and helps to create our bodies. However, certain(a) substances that we eat as food deal cause dysfunction within us and ultimately total to the destruction of our bodies. Although e actually seven historic period each cell in the organic structure is completely new, we whitethorn liquid famish junk foods that wait to call to us with their sweet, salty, greasy temptations. It nominate be unmanageable to ignore theses luscious longings and ca-ca intelligent choices rough the right(a), more than(prenominal) than balanced sustainment that our bodies hire. Why is it that we so easily achieve in to cravings for these sweet, savory, juicy junk foodsand before long later on take them, want more?This sack up be a dispute hesitancy, but is worth(predicate) investigating. Along with the question of why do we c ar them so much is what empennage we do about it? The food meeting I am addicted to eating, scarcely later melancholy is sweets. In this constitution I leave alone discuss my cravings and how I nookie terminus them. The desire for sweets is unbeatable therefor my cravings neer seem satisfied. new foods and desserts saturate my preference buds with creamy, honeyed, dainty, delicious, and all overwhelming flavor. It could be the simple steady and enticement of streusel cinnamon bark coating the blanket of fluffy donuts, muffins, and cakes which initiates the desire.Or it may be the hundreds of delicious, complicated layers that make up pastries, from savoury fruit-filled turnovers to chocolate ganache-filled croissants. My lip waters over the thought of brutish custards, such as rich creme brulee. The entertain of breaking the unbendable layer of crystalise scraping with a spoon is like unwrapping a pose and reveals the silky politic lavender vanilla bottom. Such alluring actions enrich the sensational consumption go through.The dogged aroma and profuse understanding only heighten the p leasure. Although my eubstance feels sumptuous and full(prenominal) with the sugar and the electric charge of dopamine, I get it on that sugar has more ban, long-lasting fleshly and mental set up on my dust than the pro tempore right(a) feelings released from the sugar.When eating expansive foods, like ones that curtail high doses of sugar, I almost experience a happy feeling. At the very least, an heartbeat temporary satisfaction is a guaranteed. However, when taste buds ar overwhelmed with intense sugary flavors, after the counterbalance few bites, they atomic number 18 unable to observe much else. excessively much sugar actually desensitizes your taste buds. This is one of legion(predicate) costs of instant sugar atonement. Sweets interestingness me since they are something I dont like to await without.Research tells us that sugar fanny be sort of harmful in unnecessary amounts, but it is my greatest dependance and driver of my desires. referable to th is glaring contradiction, this habituation teaches me about myself, my cravings and temptations, my healthiness and my unhealthiness. Even after schooling of the negative consequences of over-indulging in this habit, it is still often sullen for me to moderate my behavior and make healthy food choices. This is what action is about teaching about yourself and the adult male around you, learning about your strengths and weaknesses, identifying the things you need to sacrifice for a better feeling and the importance of flavour over step and delayed gratification.If I can overcome my cravings, by changing process sugar for congenital sweeteners, it will be my greatest accomplishment. For if I can agitate my own liveness and eating habits, I believe I can sincerely help new(prenominal) people in this world. Though sugars effects on my moods, body, and genius are subverter to me, unhealthy cravings are now a major concentrate on in my culinary career. I excogitation to help devise people on health and wellness, how good nutrition can enrich lives.

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Overview of the Apps Industry Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Overview of the Apps Industry - Research Paper ExampleThe apps business is well beyond entertainment and gaming apps. It is a flourishing softw are program industry which unveils opportunities for technical schoolnology seekers who introduced innovation blended with the Internet. The apps stores, particularly Apple Stores, Nokia Ovi and Android markets, are gaining popularity among users. So, the word apps is no longer limited to Smartph stars. Various Internet giants same Google and Microsoft have initiated apps stores for their offerings. Apps industry is the result of collaboration between third-party developers and companies for designing, enhancing and trading apps via different sources like smartphones, tablets, social media platforms and others linked with the web. It has tremendous growth potential which can be unleashed using innovation and continuous improvement in features (Stevens 58-74). It can be rightly said that Apps business will set the foundation for Internets fu ture model. Apples Apps store became an inspiration for other players in the smartphone industry and was followed by virtual markets like Nokia Ovi Store, Google Android market and Samsung apps (Appling and Pappalardo, 2010). Even distant the smartphone platform, the biggest online retailer Amazon is influenced by the progress of apps store and might introduce it for its Kindle development. APPS INDUSTRY HISTORY The origin of smartphone industry initiated in 1993 with the invention of IBM Simon. However, 2007 tag the advent of Apple iPhone which gave rise to the smartphone apps market, commonly referred to as apps. The Apple smartphone was a symbol of aesthetics which combined touchscreen display with web browsing in one package. Apps industry has developed over the years beyond smartphones and the mobile apps industry is highly fragmented among several players. The apps stores owned by OEMs by a confederacy of product, platform and store include Apple apps store and the like. Goo gles Android and Microsoft market are the platform providers used on third-party handsets like HTC and Samsung (Allen, Graupera, and Lundrigan 57). There is a difference seen in market dominance of the brands in various countries. For example, US market resists in adopting Nokia system so it was unable to attain dominance in the region, unlike the world market. The prominent carriers are AT&T, Sprint Nextel and Verizon whose integration with the hardware manufacturers is very crucial. The carriers set sales conditions for hardware vendors. Traditionally, the telecommunication carriers subsidized smartphones in order to drive demand from consumers who, in return, sign a contract. This provided a great insight that consumers are eager to purchase expensive high tech machines on lower prices. The collaboration can result in sales rise for hardware manufacturers as well as subscription contracts for the carriers. PERFORMANCE TRENDS The apps market predominantly consists of four major p layers Apple, Blackberry, Nokia Ovi, and Android. Since the apps market has emerged, more than 300,000 apps have been developed and downloaded over billion times. App stores are becoming a norm for mobile apps download for smartphones nowadays. They are penetrating in the market very swiftly with 2.4 billion downloads being done in 2010 (Global stats, 2012).

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Critical Paper of Let's (Not) Get Physicals Essay

Critical Paper of Lets (Not) Get Physicals - Essay ExampleFor example, she seems to shift blame for the feature to doctors and patients and leaves out key players such as the government and insurance companies. Rosenthal attempts to convince people on the need of not having physicals, especially when the checkups become recommended by doctors and hence get approved by insurance companies. Rosenthal, at the beginning of her article, states that she completed medical training in late eighties. This may validate her ability to defend distinguishing arguments for or against most medical checkup procedures. As such, she argues that various health tests are irrelevant and sometimes harmful to the patient. Her article reflects on tests that yield ridiculous positives on the first instance, therefore, facilitating the need for supercharge tests. An example of convincingly harmful procedures includes X-rays which expose patients to radiation and over time can lead to health complication s. separate medical tests such as profligate screenings are intrusive and unnecessary. For instance, the United States Preventive Services Task Force does not recommend antigen specific blood screening to identify prostate cancer. Nonetheless, close to 80% of urologists understood think it is necessary. Rosenthal cites studies by the Canadian government task force in 1979 that provide grounds on the irrelevance of the standard head-to-toe annual physical. The results from these studies show that the tests a) do not yield efficient diagnosis or results and b) may expose patients to harmful, intrusive procedures. However, the reason does not clearly articulate whose fault it is that the tests are not accurate. Furthermore, Rosenthals thesis mentions potential harm to the patient, but she seems to fail in outlining the clear dangers of piquant in medical checkups. In her article, Rosenthal speaks of how some procedures are pointless and need to be wiped out from the medical pract ice. In addition, she insists of some laboratory tests being baseless as moreso end up giving false positives hence hindering diagnosis of the real diseases. Furthermore, she continues by mentioning the pointless nature of screening tests as some do not have any influence on the progression of a disease in illnesses that do not have effective treatment. She goes further to give an example of how CT scan can be harmful to a patient through the radiation that it emits, though medical personnel still use it. She emphasizes that there are quite a number of procedures and tests used in diagnosis and screening of certain diseases, but in real sense, to a fault contribute in causing harm to that given patient. Moreover, Americans spend well over 300 billion dollars on unnecessary tests or treatment for each one year. Rosenthal also quotes Dr. Ateev Mehrotra, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, who estimates that unneeded blood tests alone consume close to 325 million dollars a year. The excessive amounts of money exhausted on medical checkups reflect on the agenda of most doctors and hospitals. Rosenthal reports that doctors and hospitals prefer that patients spend more during medical visits because this is a sure way of making a profit. Another contributor to the inflating cost of healthcare is insurance. This article claims that medical insurance ends up paying large portions of bills for patients with coverage. This economic stimulus is dangerous

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Fake Brands Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fake Brands - Case Study ExampleAs promulgated in different copyright laws in various countries, mind property rights ought to be observed. In terms of the right to produce and distribute certain products, only firms with patents have the right to do so (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). Essentially, the aim of each business is to make profits and the interests of different businesses can only be protected by different copyright and intellectual property laws that are knowing to protect the interests of individual companies. These laws help to prevent other unscrupulous people from reaping profits where they did not sow in the first place.The sale of echoic products is regarded as a form of high degree fraud and also classified as a upright offence. Luxury brands are in most cases the victims of bullshit trade mainly as a result of the fact that they have premium prices that are beyond the reach of many people. In most cases, counterfeit trade is intentional but it has spiral impacts on the original producers of goods that are imitated. The companies will end up failing to realise their envisaged profits as a result of the fact that the consumers will prefer to buy affordable copycats at the expense of the producers of original brands. On the other hand, unsuspecting consumers can also be defrauded since they are hoodwinked into believing that they are buying original brands only to realise that they are fake when they have been delivered. Counterfeit trade is a problem of serious concern across the whole globe. According to The Gurdian (28 April, 2014), A specialist police unit has shut down more than 2,500 websites selling counterfeit goods believed to be charge tens of millions of pounds. This shows the extent to which this problem is a serious cause of concern in different parts of the globe.Trade of counterfeit goods is a bad product though some people may justify it

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Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle - Essay ExampleDespite the enigma that surrounds his life and his teachings, Socrates is today considered by many scholars to be one of the fathers of Western philosophy. His student, Plato, has done most of his images and ideas that have been put down in writing because there is no record of his thought ever being written down during his lifetime. Based on this, it is very difficult to distinguish between the thought that was of Socrates and what was Plato is because it can be suspected that Plato may have put some of his ideas into the mouth of Socrates to make them seem more credible to his audience due to Socrates reputation. The dialectical method of enquiry can be considered Socrates most lasting contribution to Western philosophy, which tended mostly to be applied when dealing with moral matters such as what was good and just within the society. The dialectic method, which Socrates used, was first described by Plato when he stated that in order to solve a problem this problem would be split into a series of questions the answers to which would eventually create a logical solution (McCall 1935 1936). The scientific method that is used today is heavily influenced by Socrates dialectic method of enquiry because a hypothesis for the solution of a problem is often the first stage in the scientific method. Socrates development and practicing of the dialectic method is what has earned him his place as one of the fathers of Western philosophy as well as the creator of the study of political philosophy, and moral philosophy.

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Improving Transactional Processing in Accounting Information Systems Research Paper

Improving Transactional Processing in Accounting culture Systems - Research Paper guinea pigTransaction is an instance of doing business of any kind and may include buying of stocks from a security market and consumable goods at from a retail shop. In all the instances, there is exchange of money for goods or services. During the transactions, the need to keep the present of transactions increases, in order to be able to manage the performance of the business.Businesses have adopted several strategies of maintaining their records, preparing forms and reports for financial purposes such as tax among others (Mattessich, 1998). These records are a part of the entire Information System maintain by a business. For a business to remain in market there must be a well set out Information System that enables all the stakeholders to interact with, and benefit from the available information. These systems have further been adopted into accounting due to efficiency, in some cases due to int egrity.There has been an upwardly development of how accounting is carried out since the dawn of civilization. These changes have been necessitated by the tremendous growth of business transactions. Sometimes, the changes have been as a result of complexities involved in these transactions (Mattessich, 1998). With the emergence of engine room in the past years, business operations have been affected. This includes how transactions are handled and the parties that are involved. It is however important to note that although technology may be disadvantageous in some cases, its adoption has greatly improved operations of businesses in general and more benefits can be cognize should technology be monitored effectively (CBS Library, 2011).From the old days of Mesopotamia, ancient people kept records of businesses using clay tablets where they inscribed details of transactions (Mattessich, 1998). The inefficiency of such record keeping has over the years, pushed people to develop new me thods

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An Overview of In-Car Information Systems Essay

An Overview of In-Car Information Systems - Essay ExampleHowever, these devices, which have little to do with the actual driving of the car, are becoming much and to a greater extent advanced - presenting many problems for designers and users alike. The permanently increase complexity of in-car electronics and the rapidly growing amount of sensors, actuators and electronic control units, make the data increasingly more difficult to keep secure, correct and failsafe.In a recent survey carried out by Goldman Sachs in America, there are approximately 200 one million million cars in the United States and an incredible 500 million passenger hours each week is spent inside them. In another survey, Delphi Automotive research prime that more than a third of PDA owners use their PDAs whilst driving and that almost half of all US motorists would like the facility to access their e-mail whilst on the road.2Car makers are, of course, nervous about motorists not paying attention to the road an d having accidents, as well as the remote possibility of a glitch in the add-on electronics triggering a brake seizure or engine shutdown. The possibility of expensive lawsuits against them is a risk that they do not want to take. This threat has, until now, make most mainstream manufacturers shy away from providing too much computer control in their vehicles. In recent years this has led to a surge of employment in the development and sale of add-on products by third party manufacturers for vehicles to support entertainment, navigation and comfort controls. Now the trend seems to be for car makers to provide much more complicated electronics as standard in even comparatively cheap models. All of this has predictably created a huge debate as to whether this type of electronic aid should be allowed to be used whilst driving the car or at least whether these aids are wanted or not. Studies into driving safety are, of course, not new. Driving whilst Drunk or under the influence of dr ugs has for many decades been seen as a serious problem on our roads and can result in a ban for the offender, if caught. More recently though with the widespread use of mobile retrieves, legislation has been put in enter in order to make our roads safer. As of the first of December 2003, the use of mobile phones whilst driving in the UK has been made illegal due to an increasing number of mobile phone related incidents on the roads. Many now argue that tuning in a car radio or programming a GPS system whilst on the move is just as dangerous whilst driving, though no laws exist currently in the UK to restrict the use of these whilst driving.In America, many cities and states have similar laws regarding mobile handsets and many arguments on the safety of in-car electronics have been made. The New England Journal of Medicine, for example, published an article in 1997 claiming that cell phone users have the same chance of accidents as drunken drivers and also warned against conclud ing that cellular telephones are harmful and that their use

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The Development Information Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 words

The Development Information Security - Essay ExampleThere are many well-known shelter standards available, for instance, ISO, NIST, and COBAT. However, most of the Security Frameworks stress much on compliance requirements and controls rather than effectiveness. Standards, procedures and practices provided to larger organization easily swamp the SMEs. Due to lack of resources, SMEs often spend minimum amount on security and scarcely utilize their resources to apply hundreds of good practices provided by security standards and frameworks. Furthermore, SMEs do not adapt to all the ISO security standards rather they define their own strategies in order to meet their specific security goals. It indicates the importance of providing SMEs a security framework that facilitates the task of identifying and applying security measures in accordance with their own acquires and requirements. Therefore, we need to go back to square one and design a more suitable portfolio of solutions in order to cater a broader set of organizations and circumstances. There is no single industry security standard that provides all the answers. However, a good industry standard does provide a widely accepted and proven framework. It not only defines a finicky security program in order to provide a foundation for security system but also satisfies particular needs of the organization. Such framework is derived from the development of a prioritized set of objectives and practices as suggested by literature and standards provided by ISO standards. This security framework provides steps to establish scoop up suited Information Security Management System (ISMS) for SMEs. These ISMS are based on ISO standards which enable SMEs to see the value of security outside of technical constraints and regulatory compliance. Moreover, it helps SMEs to incorporate securitypractices, controls and procedures to align business requirements with IT security requirements. Moreover, it provides support for effe ctive use of technology, central management, adaptability, flexibility, performance, interoperability and compliance on the forefront.

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Key Responsibilities Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Key Responsibilities Presentation - Essay ExampleRationale The smooth implementation of tasks and responsibilities of security military force need an efficient system of interaction amidst officers of the organization, the safety and security investigators and the rest of the personnel office in terms of addressing issues concerning security, safety, emergency plans, as well as business continuity measures. The role of the security personnel is very critical in ensuring that there exists a workable system to ward off danger and to prevent any harm in the organization.These bosom the following specific responsibilities such as (1) Maintains a registry of research projects and/or proposals involving security and safety of the organization (2) Reports incidents of problems of safety or non-compliance (3) Prepares reports regarding significant deficiencies, noncompliance, or other emergency issues to be forwarded to management for puritanical and immediate action and (4) Reports an y repairs immediately necessary for facilities used for security and safety of the organization such as CCTV cameras, checking alarm systems, among others.Rationale Actually, in addition to these reports, as discussed during the modules on disaster response, incident command system and business continuity plan, the security personnel have obligations to comply with reportorial documents needed to ensure safety and security of personnel such as incident reports on accidents, falls, disasters, emergencies, and the like.Rationale The security personnel should have got the file of important contact numbers such as the National Response Center, the State Emergency Response Commissions, Local Emergency Planning Committees, elevate departments, Police deparments, among others. In the module discussing response scenarios and disaster response and business continuity measures, the critical role of the security personnel in reaching the proper authorities could not be

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WHY STUDY THE ENVIRONMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

WHY STUDY THE ENVIRONMENT - Essay ExampleThe area of environmental learning comprises Environmental Science that gives importance to the natural sciences, in the background of an interdisciplinary approach. Various other areas of environmental learnings give relate stress on natural and social sciences.Humans are essentially related with all living things on this planet earth. On the other hand, the watercourse actions demonstrate that the day-today existence harshly impacts the biosphere, which contributes to the entire organisms. There are options the way every one live at present. Studies in an environmental related academic curriculum, one can study the reasons for transform, what requisites to transform, and how one can transform in order that all can live in an environmentally sustainable manner.Environmental concerns are global and areas of study comprise mainly Agricultural excess, loss of biodiversity/species at threat, forest supervision, wetland protection, environmenta l systems, environmental lobbying, fisheries and aquaculture, air pollution and mode change, environmental protection, groundwater pollution, water pollution, renewable energy sources and sustainable development (APICS, 2003).For example, according to a main report on the state of Arctic biodiversity, the researchers have a superior suggestion of preservation requirements in the polar region. As per the report, at the local level, there is apparent proof that a number of economically-significant species have been exploited, and home ground has been damaged because of increased developmental activities. It is also reported that weather change is having considerable effects on Arctic species, permafrost, and sea ice unfamiliar incursive species are more and more entering the region. Further, pollutants released far away are emerging at large scales in human and wildlife communities. The report also indicates the need of crucial information in

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The Exchange Rate Regime of Thailand, purchasing power parity of Essay

The Exchange Rate Regime of Tailand, purchasing power parity of Thailand - Essay congressmanPopulation of Thailand is relatively homogeneous, which consists of Buddhist 94-95%, Muslim 4-5%, Christians, Hindus and early(a)s. More than 85% of its population speak Dialect of Thai and share common culture. Like many early(a) countries of the world, Thailand also witnessed many ups and down and was occupied by the Japanese during Second World War. Since Japans defeat in 1945, Thailand has had very close traffic with the United States. Threatened by communist revolution in neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Thailand actively sought U.S assistance to contain communist expansion in the reason. Recently, Thailand also has been an active member in multilateral organizations like the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.1.1 Economic performance of Thailand - The Thai providence is export dependent, with export accounting for 60% of GDP. Thailand recovery form the 1997-98 Asian financial crises relied largely on external remove from the United States and other foreign markets. The Thaksin government took office in February 2001 with the intention of stimulating domestic demand and reducing Thailand reliance on foreign trade and investment. Since then Thailand has embraced a duel track economic policy that combines domestic stimulus with Thailands traditional promotion of open market and foreign investment. Weak export demand held 2001 GDP growth to 2.1%. Beginning in 2002, however, domestic stimulus and export revival fueled a better performance, with real GDP growth at 6.9% in 2003 and 6.1% in 2004.Before the financial crisis, the Thai economy had years of manufacturing-led economic growth averaging 9.4% for the decade up to 1996. Relatively abundant and inexpensive mash and natural resources, fiscal conservatism, open foreign investment policies, and encouragement of the pr ivate sector underlay the economic success in the years up to 1997. The economy is

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Finance research project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Finance project - Research Paper ExampleTo do the analysis about the current situation of the phoner a ratio analysis has been performed over the 3 years financial data of the companies. The various ratios that have been coded are Profitability Ratios, Asset utilization Ratios, liquid (Solvency) Ratios, Debt Utilization Ratios and Market Value Ratios. We shall now discuss the various ratios in detail.These are the ratios which show the ability of a firm to earn profits (Profitability Ratios, 2010). It helps to calculate the profit earning capability of a company with respect to the sales, assets and other such expenses. The various ratios under this areThis calculates the amount of earnings for a company from all(prenominal) dollar of sales (Peaveler, 2010). This is calculated as simoleons profit divided by the revenue or sales (Profitability Ratios, 2010). The higher the profit margin the let out the company and its operations (Profitability Ratios, 2010).This ratio basically calculates the efficiency with which a firm uses its fixed assets to generate profits (Peaveler, 2010). This can be calculated by dividing the net profit by the total amount of fixed assets (Peaveler, 2010). The higher the ROA the better the company and its management are (Profitability Ratios, 2010).This ratio calculates the profit that a company is earning over the investment of shareholders (Peaveler, 2010). This can be calculated by dividing the net profit by the total shareholders equity of the firm (Peaveler, 2010). The higher the ROE the better the company is (Profitability Ratios, 2010).These ratios tell the management how well they have been using their assets to generate sales (NIMS, 2010). They give valuable insight about the internal operations of the firm and then the management could take the required steps to improve the same. The various ratios have been discussed hereunderThis ratio indicates as

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On Epictetus Discourse About Wealth and Freedom Essay

On Epictetus Discourse About Wealth and Freedom - Essay Example whizz thinks that wealth act ass exemption and so he seeks to own gold, diamonds, lands and slaves through whatever means including what has been mentioned earlier. Another considers a high political status as something that would bring him freedom and in the modern world education is regarded by intimately as the means to freedom. To Epictetus, he uses the first argument and links wealth and freedom in a manner that is debatable in an era where wealth is widely sought for, one that contradicts modern lifestyles, disagreeing that wealth brings freedom. Epictetus counts wealth as something that enslaves rather than frees someone because these are not the things that make men free rather are the ones that bound them to slavery. He considers owning nothing as having freedom, a concept that most of the people today might not agree with. One might laugh as well at such a concept, for how could a pie-eyed man be enslaved w hen he has the means to own his own slaves and be the master of other people? The philosopher explains his arguments with examples that strongly support his thoughts, qualifying it as a serious thought one should think about not only by the seekers in his time solely also in this period where it is believed to be most needed. Looking into his philosophies, one would have an illumination of his considerations and is guaranteed to be more inclined to agreeing than questioning. First, the philosopher considered solicitude and said that no one really fears Caesar but that they fear death, exile, deprivation of property, prison and disenfranchisement (Matheson, p. 72). Slavery to fear is not actually caused by men, not even powerful men, but is caused by what a person wants, things that he holds on to. This is the reason why Epictetus argues that having nothing, which includes wanting nothing, will release a person from fears. When an individual has properties, and is so attached to the m, he would do everything he throne to protect it from those who desire to have it, like robbers. Wealth brings fear of losing it, fear of calamities, fear of people and things that would destroy and grab it away from him therefore a plastered man is a slave to his fears, and is punished on his mind as to remedy how he should protect himself and his wealth. Sometimes, wealthy people also fear for their lives, because it is inevitable that when a person is after his wealth, he would plan to do all sorts or ways including unthinkable ones only to protect himself, including cleansing possible witnesses, killing the wealthy man. This is the reason why most of the rich ensure their security by paying thousands of dollars for security alarms and guards. Still, it does not give a hundred per centum guarantee that they would all work for their purpose because as the rich man can be sharp-sighted in his ways, robbers could also be more vigilant in their plans, thus, the fear continues and still is a master of the wealthy man. Money and wealth could be in a persons possession but he could still be a slave not to men but to an abstract yet gripping master called fear and what could be worse than to serve something that is within ones self. Epictetus argues that one who is truly free is one who distinguishes what is his and what is not his, that he owns nothing but his will and to recognize that everything he has is Gods, so that if people take it away from him, he should let it be and if they leave him in peace, he should let it be and not nonplus much about the matter. Furthermore, the philosopher speaks about what people love, which can also serve as another master. People love wealth, the tribunate, the praetorship and the consulship (p. 72) which, in search for it, would cause a person to enslave himself to whatever matters and manners he

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Movie Juxtaposition Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Juxtaposition - Movie Review ExampleThe director of the film employed juxtaposing to emphasis on some themes that be presented in the film. For instance, we are aware that the colonizers interest in the island is due to their search for treasure such as gold. However, the film does present an unusual treasure in the form of a beautiful land and the people who we know as savage turn out to be social beings (Buescher and Ono 128). The ensuing theme of romance is captured well with a princess in the picture, and although smith may not be a prince, he is a handsome guy fit to be a prince in the eyeball of Pocahontas (133).Pocahontas, the protagonist in the movie, is a beautiful princess who is to be wedded off to a man she does not love. Already the movie presents the idea of a demoiselle in distress hoping for a rescue from a knight. The victory of love is supported by the possibility of a romance growing between the Smith a foreigner and Pocahontas. In winning the heart of Pocahont as, we have a contrasting image of the usual malevolent compoundism presented by john smith. According to Buescher and Ono, the colonial image presented by Smith is of a benevolent nature illustrated in the film through his accommodation feminism, environmentalism and multiculturalism. This nature of Smith juxtaposed with the nature of regulator Ratcliffe makes Smith a prince charming (135).Pocahontas represents a woman who dreams of an exciting life other than the provincial life. This representation of Pocahontas is juxtaposed with Smiths heroic figure his colonizing experience makes him the hone rescuer for Pocahontas. The director of the movie juxtaposes nature and Pocahontas in emphasising on the relationship between nature and women. However, we are aware of the beliefs the Indians have on powers present in nature. In this case, Pocahontas utilised the power of the wind eagle and other natural spirits to save smith from

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Country Risk Ananlysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Country Risk Ananlysis - Research Paper ExampleSome risks can be diversified away by means of investing in portfolios of investments which diversify each others risk. The risk that can be diversified away is called diversifiable risk or unsystematic risk. On the other hand systematic risk cannot be diversified and is thus also called un-diversifiable risk. Economic and political risk is inherent risks of operating in a country. The economic risk is the risk that frugality of that country would change for the worse. This change could be due to bad management or uncomprehend able natural causes, such as reduction in oil prices for a country which has oil as its primary export. Political risk on the other hand points towards the stability in the country. This is the risk that there would be political turmoil in a country which would result in loses on investment. The recent changes in the Arabian Peninsula are changing the shape of Arab politics for ever. There have been major polit ical changes in countries like Egypt, Libya and Syria. These political changes would in due course of while bring positive changes in the region and contribute to the economic stability and wellbeing of local. However these changes have also created a sense and environment of perplexity in the political environment of the region. There is confusion as to which country would be affected by this political upheaval next. Amongst this political turmoil lies a country of 1.7 million people known as Qatar. The State of Qatar is located in the Middle East and shares its borders with the Gulf and Saudi Arabia. The country is a monarchy controlled by the Al Thani family. Other monarchies in the region are threatened by political upheavals Qatar is no different due to its political system. However Qatar is still a peaceful country and there have been no apparent signs of any political upheavals. One of the reasons is the sound economic situations of the country. The economy of Qatar is grow ing rapidly and is considered ace of the fasted growing economies of the world. The nation has a per capita annual GDP of 97,000 dollars, which is one of the highest in the entire world. The nation is rich with oil and gas reserves. However instead of entirely consuming these resources like many other Arab nations, Qatar has strived to build itself as a strong economic power through development of infrastructure and industry. The economic evolution is stable due to a strong inf depressed of foreign capital due to oil exports. This stability plays a primary role in cut the financial risk of the country. The purchasing power parity of Qatar according to CIA Fact-book is estimated to be $123 billion. This is an increase of approximately 20% from previous years. Due to a rick economy the locals are not an active part of the countrys workforce. However efforts are being made to bring about a change in this department. The main hindrance in these efforts is the availability of an exce llent social welfare system, which allows people to leave lives near 0 % present of poverty. This can be seen by the high per Capita GDP of Qatar which makes it one of the richest nations in the world. The country risk of Qatar has been defined as CRT-3. Risk tier 3 is defined as Developing licit environment, legal system and business environment with developing capital markets developing insurance regulatory structure. This means that the country has very low economic risk. This low risk is due to the rapid growth of GDP

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Criminal Profiling Questions Essay Example for Free

Criminal write Questions Essay1. Analyze inducive/deductive reasoning.Inductive whitlow investigative assessments The inductive approach to profiling is a based on the simple premise that If certain abominations committed by different people are similar, then the offenders mustiness also share some type of personality traits. (Holmes Holmes, 2009) Inductive reasoning seems to be the more than scientific of the two as it is strictly based on criminals that have committed the same or same type of crime. It is ofttimes quicker as it is strictly based upon statistics and easily conducted (with the proper databases) searches based on the types of crimes. When you combine the simplicity and the speed at which it can be done, it would seem it would be a foregone conclusion that this is the technique to use.However, inductive assessments are not completely reliable due to no connection to the current crime and strictly relegated to using similar facts and types of crimes to aid i n creating a profile. Deductive criminal investigative assessments From a thorough analysis of the crime scene and the evidence left at the crime scene, the profiler is able to construct a mental take in of the unknown offender. (Holmes Holmes, 2009). Deductive profiling is based upon the artistic ability of putting together the available information and picturing the events that occurred and the offenders that committed these events. Deductive profiling is more complex and takes longer to conduct a thorough enough investigation to begin putting the pieces together to form the entire puzzle.Deductive profiling is much more reliable as it is based on information pertinent to the specific crime committed and not simply based upon similar types of crime that are typically not in any way related to the current crime being investigated. The most popular form of profiling is a combined inductive/deductive profiling. development inductive profiling, you would compile statistics about si milar crimes and use the similarities between the multiple offenders and begin to form the outline of your profile. Using the crime scene information, you would then begin to evaluate from a perspective that is specific to your crime scene and not based on similarities in crimes. Upon effect of using your criminal database to build you outline, you would then apply the specific data derived from the crime scene and begin to apply the details of the offender to complete your profile.Holmes, R. and Holmes, S. (2009). Profiling Violent Crimes, an Investigative Tool (4th Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA Sage Publications, Inc.2. Goals of criminal profiling1. Provide the Criminal Justice system with a social and mental assessment of the offender.Goal 1 is to provide a detailed assessment of the offender which should include specifics (i.e. race, gender, employment, age range, etc.) that narrows the possibilities in which law enforcement can focus their efforts and precipitate the scope of the investigation.2. Provide the Criminal Justice systems with a Psychological evaluation of belongings found in the possession of the offender.Goal 2 is specific to the sensual evidence and relevant information in a case and how it relates to the specific offenders psychological profile. This will help in the case by adding to the offenders profile and by helping derive locations, times, etc..3. Provide interviewing suggestions and strategies.Goal 3 is to help investigators get to the ground truth, through different methods, during the interrogation process. Different types of people respond to different stimulus, therefore different strategies must be emplaced based upon multiple categories your offender falls into.

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The Importance of Literacy Essay Example for Free

The Importance of Literacy EssayTry and imagine our society with expose a common quarrel. This could be quite a unsaid idea to fathom. Allow me to assist you. If this hypothetical idea were in fact true, a typical conversation between two individuals would be as follows nonpareil of the two would begin the conversation by making noises representing their language, the other person would not understand these noises and respond with unrecognizable noises to the first individual. As you cannister swell up imagine, this would get quite frustrating. Rita Mae Brown describes literacy as, a social contract, an agreed upon representation of certain symbols (420). If the symbols (letters) meanings are not agreed upon by those attempting to communicate, then interpreting wholeness another becomes difficult. Simply stated, literacy is very important. Society has proven time and time again, it volition reward those individuals who are competent and impede those who are not, whether ex pressed in terms of employment opportunities (job success) or just on a social level.One need look no merely than their everyday activities in roam to realize how important literary skills are. With discover adequate literary skills one may not be able to identify on a label the fabricate amount of medicine to give a child, or read and interpret a sign giving instructions on what to do in courtship of a fire. These two examples bring perspective to literacys vastness. Nevertheless, recent surveys have indicated that, 4. 5 million Canadians, representing 24 percent of the eighteen-and-over group, can be considered illiterate (Adult analphabetism 5).Illiteracy is truly a problem within Canada. Although many groups are working to render the problem of illiteracy, much work still lies ahead. As our society moves on into the next century literacy is proving vital to economic performance. Without basic literary skills in ones possession they will become lost in our rapidly changing society. The modern worker must be able to lodge to the changing job-scene. This often means gathering new skills and fellowship from printed material, whether instruction manuals, computer programs, or schoolroom training (text books).It is quite commonly the case that highly skilled jobs require a high level of literacy. Therefore, literary skill level is an important part in predicting an individuals economic success. It will affect an individuals income, their employment stability and whether they even receive employment opportunities. Presently, our world revolves around literacy. Simply being literate allows one to continuously upgrade ones literary skills to a higher level. It allows one to stay informed of happenings in and around the world through mediums such as newspapers and magazines. clear-sighted current news about what is going on in this ever changing world of ours is the key to staying ahead. Another thought to ponder is this, we rely on those with high litera cy levels to record and document findings and happenings for future generations to reflect on. These writings would most likely be dull and inaccurate or would not exist at all without our current levels of literacy. When viewed from a social standpoint, literacy remains just as important as when viewed from the economic standpoint.Linda Macleod of the National Associations Active in Criminal Justice, points out that, 65 percent of people entering Canadian prisons for the first time have trouble reading and writing, low literacy is part of a constellation of problems that can limit choices in life and thus lead people to criminal activity (20). Somebody in possession of a high level of literacy will most likely be well informed and tend to make wiser decisions. By obtaining this level of literacy they have also gathered a large dictionary giving them many words to choose from to express their ideas and feelings.Conversely, many would agree that a conversation with one who has a goo d grasp of the English language is always more delightful than with one who is less educated. Literacy can act as a window, opening ones view to the world. Presently, we are being bombarded with information, news, trivia and dress down (not that this is always a positive feature in our lives). Without sufficient literary skills one cannot even absorb any of this information. These people will miss out on many of lifes benefits, socially as well as economically. Without sufficient literary skills one would have a tremendously difficult time function in our current world.Think about your average day, consider how many times you refer to your literary skills to aid you, could you function without those skills? Finding an address, reading a map, reading a menu, performing a bank transaction, these are just a few common tasks that require your literary skills. Also, when looking at the importance of literacy to our nation, its value is evident. High levels of literacy throughout all se ctors of Canadas workforce are necessary, low literacy levels of workers affect Canadas ability to perform in the increasingly competitive international grocery store (Literacy 7).Literary skills become building blocks. First creating a well- educated society, then a highly skilled labour force which can compete and adapt to the changing market. These factors lead to an increase in economic growth within the nation which in turn, results in a higher standard of living for its people. As our society moves forward into the future, a higher level of literacy will become more important to ones level of success. Where would our society be without our ability to exchange knowledge and information?How many times have you made a purchase that read on the outside instructions inside? You and I think slide fastener of this, and in a sense take our gift for granted. For many, deciphering written instructions is a near impossible task, asking for assistance does little more than to further l ower their self esteem. Literacy is important. To truly seize the benefits possible in ones life it has to be accepted that literacy is the key. Society will continue to reward skilled individuals and outrage those who are not.

Aims And Objectives Essay Example for Free

Aims And Objectives EssayAimTo create a marketing syllabus to acquire new customers primarily students and summation market share. baffle Me has a large client base but is lacking student consumers. This marketing plan depart offer marketing objectives and strategies in order to increase this market share. Pamper Me is not situated on a regular walk to university so innovative and strategic recommendations will be required for in(predicate) delivery.ObjectivesResearch and analyse the current customer base to determine the student non-student ratioResearch will be carried out via interviews with current employees and questionnaires to potential customers fall student salon-usage trends, with regards to amount of students as a percentage of the whole, and their salon preferencesOnce the questionnaires have been completed the data will be collated and analysed. This acquired primary data will give us an insight student trends and insight into the most effective marketing st rategy Research/Discover from students, what their wants/needs are from a salonPamper Me whitethorn not currently be meeting the needs of the desired student consumers. Collated data from primary and secondary investigate will suggest us on how to increase the number of students using this salon Define main competitors to the business and map out their market physical positioning main(a) and Secondary research will be carried out in the area surrounding Pamper Me in order to locate the competition. The marketing plan may suggest to mirror competitor strategies if these seem to increasing the student percentage of consumers. Analyse current marketing strategies with a view to creating a new and improve strategyCurrent marketing strategies in place by Amara may not be sufficent or beneficial to Pamper Me. A new draw near may be needed and it is vital thatall employees understand the new strategies once they are in place. To create or identify a quaint Selling Point (USP) for the business based on their expertise and specialtiesCurrently Pamper Mes USP is that it provides private and noninvasive treatment rooms for religious women. This isnt astray know by the community so a recommendation must be suggesting in order to increase the awareness of this. Religious students may not know that there is a salon the adheres to their faithful rules. Implement a marketing strategy that can inform and attract students to the salonWe must research and analyses what inspires students to spend money on beauty treatments. As students dont have a high level of disposable income it is important to implement a marketing plan that is constructive and beneficial for students.

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Code of the Street Elijah Anderson

Code of the Street Elijah AndersonThe book, Code of The Street, by Yale Professor Elijah Anderson puts in light the various(a) issues that atomic number 18 common in the urban center today. The channel codes majorly affect the actions and behavior of some(prenominal) c drop by the waysidenesss in the inner city. In the inner city, Anderson shows that there are many social evils like high rates of unemployment, teenage pregnancy. The main force contributing to these street codes according to him is racism though that kind of behavior is intensify by the existing economic and political commands in the city (Anderson 34).The Code of Street applies to the behavior for the public and is a norm for the community which is alienated (Anderson 69) .if these codes of conducts inwardly the street are non fully immersed into the lives of the young they tend to switch to the behaviors that they find on the street, Learning of the street code starts early in ones life from his or her par ents to the street families who introduce them to such codes. Parents dont shrink role in tending their children leaving them to do it themselves (Anderson 49).The code of the street is worrying according to the sociologist Anderson as it is attributed to ills like increased rate of crime, stress, drug trafficking and all forms of violence with ultimate result of death. The urban life within the ghettos majorly contributed to the street codes. He brings out all the way the issue of respect .According to Anderson, the codes of the street is majorly affected by the poor dwellings the youth live in .In addition to the environment they live in (Anderson 50).The inner city is seems to be morally decayed as it lacks role models to be copied by the youth and the economy favors few people. With the relocation of the creators of employment to oversee leaving the youth idle within the inner city .Comparing the middle class and the confuseder class males of the lower class are involved in r ebellious acts. an another(prenominal)(prenominal) factor is frustration of the disadvantaged youth led s to adaptation of the street codes. The inner city families were described to be decent with good set while the street families excluded themselves from the greater society Apart from the two types of families being distinct they greatly interact on the streets. Also in the schools, open publics areas are other places where these people interact. (Anderson 54).The major determining factor of how people be drive homed lied on the families values one is brought up with those brought up in the decent homes have proper street codes ,while those of the street families were viewed as those order like drug to commit ills like drug trafficking and all negativities of the neighborhoods like murder and violence .People fought and pull down shot each other to acquire respect .Lack of respect could render one to be tried by his or her peers and to the extreme the strangers. Respect was a pply as a measure of ones credibility within the streets. Ethics of hard work, appreciating religion and achievements in the academics were considered as respectable action within the streets. (Anderson 45).According to Anderson, teens became meaning(a) because they dont know the implication of having sex. For the adolescents, they became pregnant knowingly or sometimes not knowingly. The males portray a behavior of escapism of responsibilities and most times the females are left-hand(a) to take care of their children without father figure or sometimes get a helping hand from their family members. Many men or fathers deny the male parent to their children especially if they doubt their fatherhood to that child or the character of the mother may cause this. Anderson conducted ethnography study in Philadelphia in 1990 where he analyze African Americans in certain classes within the city coupled with his observation (Anderson 43).According to Anderson (2000), the people in the mainst ream society have proper values that dont allow them to retaliate after an attack rather they move away from the areas of fight. This makes them uphold their self esteem (Anderson 34) .This is a show of respect. Their counter parts on the other hand cant suffer the humiliation of walking away all in all they have nothing to lose as their status is low .Those from the low status communities want to uphold their respect even though it calls for the fighting to show how they are they can attack their counterpartsThe methods used in this search include survey whereby various households were sampled and the youth in those families who were capable of being interviewed were interviewed to gather information from them. This could help in giving the data collector an brain wave on the youth violence. The youth by the time they are teen, they regulatet these codes, make them part and parcel of their lifes and thus the survey conducted on the youth in their adolescence is validated (Ander son 83).In the society classes i.e. middle and lower classes, Anderson interviews the subjects of target whom are faced with the daily decadency of the urban ills ranging from teens pregnancy, child delinquency and family disagreement. Anderson the code of street heroes is those that cross the streets temptations to have a brighter tomorrow for the future peopleFindings according to Anderson show that peer aggression, having been a victim of violence and type of parenting are associated with the following and obeying the street code related to beliefs. Those who have ever been victims of a circumstance tend to refrain from the bad codes. Also anger is a contributing factor to the bail of these codes. though being involved in prior victimization might be seen as a factor towards the adherence of the codes, it isnt. Instead it makes the victim learn from the prior experience (Anderson 70).Several matters have made the scope of this study to be limited .First the subculture thesis as sessment according to Anderson is not dealt in depth. at that place is dire need to do in-depth investigation on this thesis. Anderson just gave a highlight .more need to be added especially on the code switching, how the people take their authorities that in unchanging these behaviors. To add on that, the role of race in bringing out the belief related codes and the contributing to the youth violence is not clearly brought out. The youth violence is not only attributed to the blacks even the other races are victims of it.Also other factors like poverty coupled with the few opportunities could still contribute to this. Finally, the findings are more side lined on male youth violence. To the male youth, even some cliques of inner city girls are found to incite the infighting (Anderson 92). At this juncture, gender role in not clearly brought out in the contribution to the youth violence.In conclusion from the studies, it shown that the beliefs in our traditional subcultures contribu te a lot in the violent behavior among the youth. Violence is more prevalent with those follow those beliefs that are in agreement with the street codes. Though it is not possible to get the etiology of these code beliefs but it is seen that the way one is socialized, the role models one looks up to and the parental upbringing matters (Anderson 97).Those youth who rent lack of future for them and had prior victimized tend to acquire the aggressive behavior in future. Also the way of parenting is also a factor where by those parents who are aggressive to their children tend to acquire violent behaviors from them. Then they will be the pioneers of all the crimes, violence in the society. Thus provision of future chance to our youth is of great importance as well as personal protection especially parent to their children (Anderson 120).Work CitedAnderson, Elijah. Code of the Street Decency, Violence, and the Moral smell of the Inner City. New York W.W. Norton, 2000.

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Example Answers to Questions on Consumer Behaviour

Example Answers to Questions on Consumer Behaviour-PURCHASE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS-Problem RecognitionThe problem recognition is where psychological call for are mingled the intensity or awareness of the problem may vary as the individual realize that the actual state of mind or feeling is non a wanted one, as a consequence, the individual take action to change it by acquisition of a product or service.Information SearchThis is the stage when the awareness of the problem is accepted and the self-realization of what kind of purchase could solve the difficulty. Where and how it can be acquired? What information is on pass off? At this stage, consumers provide search information that will allow them to make a last.Information EvaluationThe evaluation of the information will be tryd base on a authoritative criteria the consumer will find means to differentiate between them. They may target shops, brands, pricing, promotion or even physical sight like packaging.DecisionThe next step after evaluation is the decision, which may be a natural result of the product sound judgement. The consumer may have to prioritize the assessment or choice of product/service/solution even further by choosing if the convenience or price is the most significant doer, or one may predominate on the other.Post-Purchase EvaluationThe majority of cases consumers are likely to be some level of after-acquisition analysis in gild to secure them whether the product/service fulfilled previous expectation.-BUYING SITUATIONS-Routine Problem Solving This is when items that fall into the routine problem solving category in order not to risk by changing to new competitor products. The consumer is satisfied with the same brand and the benefit of changing may just bring an unnecessary parturiency of information, evaluation and decision. This generally happens with cheap or low-cost products.Limited Problem SolvingInvolves more attention and decision - fashioning those routine acquisition s. Goods tend to have an boot value and last longer. It is more likely to occur when acquiring services. The consumer has the contain to acquire the product right from the first time and will like not to risk by trying.Extended problem SolvingThe extended problem solving is similar to the limited one but it compromises a more somber purchase, meaning that it is even more severe that the limited one. Goods have a much more value, consequently, a even higher risk for the buyer. It will be motivated to know as much as possible about the product and the decision will be based on coherent, practical and awake grounds.-BUYER BEHAVIOUR THEORIES-The buyer behavior subroutinees and acts on individuals involved in acquire and using products or services. The formulation of the marketing strategies that will succeed in effectuation depends on the understanding of how flock behave when buy and how does the environment is composed. The decision environment are the influences that make pe ople to take a decision, for instance family traditions, annex groups that enhance associate or disassociate behaviours.The consumer buying process consists of 5 stepsNeed recognition This is when an individual recognise the need for the acquisition of a product, in the scenario of the hair care company, the buyer acknowledge the need for the product by different factors as internal or external stimuli, loving esteem, and so forthInformation search this is when the recognition process is complete the fallowing step is where to acquire the product (memory, family, advertising, internet)Alternative evaluation As it is rare to find exactly what people look for there is al behaviors an evaluation for alternatives (rational or irrational).Purchase decision and associated risk It is important that the purchase of a good do not involved a high risk in regard of achievement, financial, physical, sociable and egocentrically.Post purchase evaluation The final stage of the consumer buying p rocess with the overall performance in contrast to the expectation prior the acquisition.The key factors that influence marketing activities in buying satiations are the cultural, social, personal and psychological factors.-FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR-Cultural Language, religion, education, values and attitudes, and so forthSocial Primary groups, secondary groups, inspirational groups and dissociative groups.Personal as age, occupation, economic class, life style.Psychological Motivation and the greatness of the need.All this information is use to develop a clear picture and valid associations of how people take the decision to acquire a product, along with specifications of a valid target process, which will then be applied by the organization.Types of Buying BehaviourLevel of involvement is an individuals intensity of interest in a product and the importance he or she places on a product. Consumers go through a problem-solving process.The 4 types of Problem-Solving areR outine Response buying that requires very little search and decision effort it is used for products that are low priced and bought frequently. Examples accept soft drinks, snack foods, milk, etc.Limited Decision Buyers use when they purchase products occasionally or need information about unfamiliar brands in a familiar product category it requires a moderate amount of time for information gathering and deliberation. Examples include Clothes, know product class but not the brand.Extensive Decision employed when unfamiliar, expensive, or infrequently bought products (such as homes, automobiles and furniture) are purchased buyers used many criteria to evaluate brands and spend more time searching for information and deciding on the purchase.Impulse Buying unplanned buying behavior involving powerful urge to buying something immediately. A lot of impulse decisions are made at the checkout area and can be on items such as candy, sodas, batteries, film, etc.Situational influences in the buying decision processSituational InfluencesElements that influence the buyer to change his mind.Situational ProcessesPhysical surroundingsSocial surroundingsTime perspectiveResearch purchase flitting mood and conditionsPsychological Influence in the buying decision processPsychological Influences (factors that determine behaviour) discriminating Exposure Select one important factor while ignoring another (go to Libya because is cheap and worm ignoring hostile environment)Selective Distortion Twisting information with personal feelings or beliefs (pay 700 when just can afford 550)Selective Retention Thrusting beliefs and feelings in regard of a product/service that actually are where never associated.Perceptual organizationThis is based on organizing and integration new information with what is already stored in the consumers memory.(Marketing Consumer Focus Product made for the consumer needs)(Sales Product Focus Consumer buy a product that may do not suit the consumer)Interpre tationThe interpretation of the consumer on an untried product/service (how the consumer see it).Main reasons why a marketer fails while delivering a centre to the consumer areConsumers block out sellers info.Consumers interpret sellers information differently than intended.Consumer discomfort info the conflicts with cultural issues.-EXTERNAL INTERNAL FACTORS THAT AFFECTS THE BUYER BEHAVIOUR PROCESS-Environmental influences The decision making process is always connected to the environment in which the product and the buyer are. These influences are the fallowing ones.Sociocultural influences Influences from current trends as a whole and the various social groups they belong in order to enhance status.Technological Influences It affects many aspects of the decision-making by product development and innovation.Economic and competitive influences Price, value for money and conscious assessment of the need to acquire are prevalent influences.Political and legal influences Legislation s, regulations, consumer rights and advertising also effect the overall decision-making process.Psychological influences (The individual) The psychological influences are these aspects that affects an individual wisdom while executing a conscious or subconscious decision-making process.Personality Very extensive area of study consist on features, behaviours and experiences of the consumers.Perception It indicates the way in which people interpret, analyse and make sense of present and upcoming situation while being affected by personality, experience and mood.Learning The process by consumers of understanding and retaining info from a product.Motivation Is based on Maslows hierarchy of needs (Physiological, Safety, Love, Esteem, Self-actualisation).Attitudes Is a perspective that an individual takes on a certain subject (Cognitive, Affective, Conative).Sociocultural Influences (The Group) Social groups will inevitably affect purchasing decision were the individual are member of, a s individuals are influenced by social and cultural factor from their location of provenience.Social class Is a form of social grouping for identification of masses.Culture and Subculture It refers to the personality of the society where consumers live in (Art, Language, Literature, Music and Products which are consumed by society).Reference Groups these are groups where an individual belongs or aspire to belong (professional bodies, social societies, lifestyle groups)Family It is the key influence of the buyer behaviour of the individuals.-RELATION BETWEEN BRAND LOYALTY, CORPORATE IMAGE AND REPEAT PURCHASE Brand loyalty this happens when a consumer is predisposed to acquire the same brand of goods/services eer over a certain period of time instead of varying among manufacturers of the same product/service. Perhaps brand loyalty can be measurable by the consistence or volume of acquisitions of the same brand within the same category.Corporate image is a conceptual mental image ac tual by corporate advertising techniques to highlight their image so it can boost desirability to consumers, suppliers, employers and stakeholders. Companies develop a corporate image in order to enhance psychological perception, reputation and corporate culture. A positive corporate image can augment consumer adoption and develop further brand loyalty. resound purchase is the action made by buyers while repurchasing a previously purchased product. Repeat purchase is a pattern used in order to shoot for the consistency of loyalty to a brand.The relationship between these three factors is enormous as they aimed the same result. The difference is that all make part of the same range but in different stages. For instance when a company invest on the development of a positive corporate image, consumers will then arise a positive psychological perception over a period of time (depending the intensity and technique used). These perceptions will impulse consumers to try, and consequentl y, to adopt the product as preferable acquisition among all other similar brand products. When consumers make a repeat purchase of the same brand, the company is then able to draw a certain degree of brand loyalty.

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Positioning of Apple, Blackberry and Nokia

Positioning of apple, blackberry bush and Nokiaorchard apple tree Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and food markets consumer electronics, computer softw are, and personal computers. The callers best-k todayn hardware products include the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPh adept and the iPad. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system the iTunes media browser the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software the iWork suite of productivity software Aperture, a professional photography package Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional phone and film-industry software products Logic Studio, a suite of music production tools and iOS, a mobile operating system. As of August 2010, the company operates 301 retail stores in ten dollar bill countries, and an online store where hardware and software products are sold.Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was previously named Apple Computer, Inc., for its for the first time 30 years, but withdraw the word Computer on January 9, 2007, to reflect the companys ongoing blowup into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers. As of family line 25, 2010, Apple had 46,600 full time employees and 2,800 temporary full time employees worldwide and had worldwide annual sales of $65.23 billion.For reasons as various as its philosophy of comp aesthetic design to its distinctive advertisement campaigns, Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the get together States. Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the joined States in 2008 and in the world in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The company has besides received widespread criticism for its contractors labor, environmental, and melodic line practices.SegmentationAccording to Michael J. Croft (1994), breakdown is to divide a market by a outline directed at gaining a major portion of sales to a subgroup in a category, rather than a to a greater extent limited share of purchases by all category users. foodstuff segmentation is one of the steps that goes into defining and targeting specific markets. It is the process of dividing a market into a distinct group of buyers that await different products or marketing mixes.A key factor to success in todays market place is finding subtle differences to give a business the marketing edge. Businesses that target specialty markets will promote its products and services much effectively than a business aiming at the average customer.Opportunities in marketing affix when segmented groups of clients and customers with varying needs and wants are recognized. Markets can be segmented or targeted using a variety of factor. The bases for segmenting consumer markets includeDemographical bases (age, family size, life cycle, occupation)Geographical bases (states, regions, countries) demeanour bases (product knowledge, usage, attitudes, responses)Psychographic bases (lifestyle, values, personality)A business must analyze the needs and wants of different market segments before determining their own niche. To be effective in market segmentation keeps the following things in mindSegments or target markets should be accessible to the businessEach segmented group must be astronomic lavish to provide a solid customer base.Each segmented group requires a separate marketing plan.Apple is such a band whose subject matter competence in innovation. For apple to keep its market share it needs not only to concentrate on its research and development but also on segmenting its market efficiently and reaching them with its new(a) products.Customers View of SegmentationCustomers segment themselves and take no notice of how companies segment their market(s). When choosing between competing products and services , customers select the overture that meets their needs better than any other. To win market share, therefore, a company must ensure that their offers meet these needs better than any other at a price they perceive as providing superior value for money (which does not necessarily mean it has to be the cheapest). As this is how customers operate in a market, then a segmentation project should befool these as its segmentation criteria.On its own this approach to segmentation, spot able to provide you with an invaluable brain wave into how to win a customers business, s work requires you to know how to reach them. The input to this part of a winning proposition, provided by a detailed under stand of who the customers are and where they are to be found, is clearly very important and plays a crucial part in our segmentation process. In addition, by really understanding what underpins a customers extract we gain an insight into their motivations, which will lead you to understand what promotional stance to take?Interestingly, all the reputable marketing books and marketing courses which look at the utility(a) approaches to segmenting markets include needs-based segmentation (sometimes called benefit segmentation) in their reviews. They also conclude that needs-based segmentation is by far the most successful approach. This is the approach taken by The Market Segmentation Company, for which we have developed a series of practical steps, tried and tested in numerous markets nearly the world, and incorporated into our segmentation process.Positioning of Apple, Blackberry and NokiaBlackberry hand fixed is no longer concerned with the occurrence of iPhone. Because of not all batch switch off from their Blackberry handset to iPhone gadget,this statement was declared by researchers from UBS Investment Jeffrey Fan after successfully interviewed 222 plenty in UK and 106 people in linked States when they would buy iPhone 3G. According to Cellular News, 106 of iPhone buyers in United States, only five people, or 4.7 percent are Blackberry users. In fact, three of that number doesnt intend to sell their Blackberry after buying Apple iPhone. About 30 percent of 106 people use Motorola and Samsung. With each contributing is 15 percent, said the Cellular news.In UK, from 222 people who purchased the iPhone, only eight people or 3.6 per cent claiming to have it switch from Blackberry to iPhone. Only one person is interested in using them, iPhone and Blackberry. However, 18 percent of these respondents claim to have a corporate Blackberry so that they cannot take down the handset do by Research in Motion (Rim).From 222 people in UK, the 28 percent is former Nokia users, while 20 percent is former Sony Ericsson users, Fan explained. Fan detailed more(prenominal) most this research, although the research is limited, but it can conjure up that the market segment of Blackberry and iPhone users is very different so it will not become a significant thre at to Rim.In above countries, the majority of iPhone 3G buyers have use first version of iPhone. In UK is about 29 percent and in United States is about 37 percent. Even, some iPhone operator in some(prenominal) countries also sells Blackberry handset as alternative of iPhone by selling Blackberry with cheaper price. For example, the T-Mobile of United States reduced the price of Blackberry Curve by USD 50, to USD 99.According to Wilbur Schramm (1954), Schramms third model is based on the convergence or network approach. Due to various kinds of noise there are chances that the message gets misrepresented till it reaches the receiver, to overcome the problem he introduced the concept of feedback which helps the sender to modify the information from what he observes or hears from the receiver or the audience. The communication process now takes a circular form as both parties take on the roles of sender and recipient. Schramms model emphasizes on the importance of feedback for the information to reach the receiver in the same manner as desired by the sender. Feedback is essential in the business environment to ensure that the constituencies interpret the information correctly from the companies.Apple, Blackberry and NokiaThe iPhone was ontogeny explosively, but its market share was preventionely a third of Nokias 68 million smart phones. Despite the massive coverage of the iPhone success in the United States, RIM with its Blackberry still leads the U.S. Smartphone market, with a share of over 30%. Apple had less than 30%, while Android-based phones (Google) were catching up fast. In the snatch quarter of 2010, Nokia held onto 33% of the mobile phone market. In the Smartphone market, Nokia sold 24 million such devices, up 42% from a year earlier.The overall Smartphone market grew at about the same rate, so Nokia held its share from a year ago, at 40.3%, and actually grew share slightly from the first quarter of this year. So in the global Smartphone rivalr y, Nokia still had the lead, while RIM and Apple followed. The winners of the Smartphone market will be determined by global success. So is Nokia in so much(prenominal) internal turmoil that it is reportedly considering replacing its CEO.Despite the softening of Nokias market share in the United States, Nokia has managed to expand its global position, especially in the high-growth large emerging markets including China, India, Brazil and Indonesia. In a global rivalry, it would be a fatal mistake to think of these markets as second-tier. Apple is yet to open a store in India. India has such a huge market. Nokia with leading market share in India Apple should look at it if it sights at global attracter in mobiles. True, until the 1980s, the lead customers in the most advanced industries were still in the United States, Western Europe and Japan. The G-7 nations dominated talks on international economics. And what was thoroughly for California was good for the world.Today, the lead customers are increasingly in the emerging world. The G-7 has been replaced by the G-20. The U.S. market is no longer enough for global leadership. In the global markets, the new mantra is, to paraphrase Frank Sinatra If you can make it in Shanghai, you can make it in New Delhi, too. And yet, as Nokia has found out the hard way, the United States remains necessary for sustained global success. And the U.S. market is the main source of concerns about Nokias corporate future. In high-tech business, a solid presence in the United States is not just about a market share. It is about ensuring a role in cutting-edge innovation.Apple has hugely targeted youth and people having higher interest in technological products. The major setback for apple is it doesnt support office applications. Apple needs to concentrate on overseas expansion of its market. It is able to reach its target audience in some of the developed countries, but not having full length operations in a unpolished like India is a big loss for any industry.Apple Ad CampaigningIn the past two decades, Apple Inc. has become well cognize for its advertisements, which are designed to reflect a plan of marketing their products to creative individuals. Their most significant ad campaigns include the 1984 first-rate Bowl commercial, the 1990s gestate Different campaign, and the iPod people of the 2000s. Apples portable music player, the iPod, has been showcased as a piece of contemporary art in New Yorks Museum of Modern Art. Since the original Macintosh Super Bowl commercial in 1984, which mimicked imagery from George Orwells 1984, Apple has maintained a style of homage to contemporary visual art in many of its more famous ad campaigns. For example, the Think Different campaign linked Apple to famous social figures-including artist John Lennon and social activist Mahatma Gandhi.Apple has been criticized for its sometimes questionable use of modern art as an inspiration for its marketing campaigns-at times re-creating a short film or music video shot-by-shot for its commercials. few artists have documented entering into rights-negotiations with Apple, only to have Apple pull out of the discussions, then use the artistic imagery anyway. As a result, several lawsuits have been filed against Apple by artists and corporations alike, such as visual artist Louie Psihoyos and shoe company Lugz. These claims were later confirmed. In 1997, the Think Different campaign introduced Apples new slogan, and in 2002 the Switch campaign followed. The most recent advertising strategy by Apple is the Get a Mac campaign.Today, Apple focuses much of its advertising efforts around special events, and keynotes at conferences like the MacWorld Expo and the Apple Expo. The events typically draw a large gathering of media representatives and spectators. In the past, special events have been used to announce products such as the Power Mac G5.Apple BrandingUnique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its contests. Over time, this image becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumers mind. Thus brands help harried consumers in crowded and complex marketplace, by standing for certain benefits and value. Legal name for a brand is trademark and, when it identifies or represents a firm, it is called a brand name.Apple Computers is the epitome of self-empowerment and self-fulfilment combined in one brand. How else to describe a Cult Brand whose original slogan for the Macintosh was, the computer for the rest of us? Of course, the rest of us were those brave individuals who wanted to hear their own destinies and break free of the systems controlling grip and authoritarian ways. In the eighties, Apple painted this dark controlling force as being IBM, while in the nineties it became Microsoft and Bill Gates. As Christopher Escher, former VP of Corporatio n Communications, noted They turned computers, which are essentially a product for business people to scraunch numbers with, into symbols of self-realization and liberation against social constraints. Apple has a branding strategy that focuses on the emotions. The Apple brand personality is about lifestyle conceit liberty regained innovation passion hopes, dreams and aspirations and power-to-the-people through technology. The Apple brand personality is also about simplicity and the removal of complexity from peoples lives people-driven product design and about being a really humanistic company with a heartfelt connection with its customers.The 2009 results of Virtues ranking of the most social brands is in, and Apple came out on top. Apple is one of the most powerful relationship brands, so its not surprising that people talk about it across the social Web. In fact, Apples iPhone brand took the net top spot in the list of the most social brands, while Apples iTunes brand ranked 6 th, and the Apple parent brand ranked 8th. Interestingly, according to an term from Adweek, the only other companies to have multiple brands ranked in the top 20 of Virtues list were Sony (for both the parent brand and PlayStation) and Microsoft.Apple was successful till the launch of Iphone4 but after the launch of Iphone4 it faced problems regarding the signal problem. The issue relates to the mobile phone signal, with users reporting a drop in signal effectuality when the phone is held. After knowing from the analysts that recalling Iphone4 would cost the millions, Apple boss Steve Jobs held a meeting after the launch and tried to suppress the problem by whirl free bumpers for the customers perceiving it would boost the signal. But, there were still a lot of customers left behind un-satisfied.PositioningIn marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or orga nization. Re-positioning involves changing the identity of a product, relative to the identity of competing products, in the collective minds of the target market. De-positioning involves attempting to change the identity of competing products, relative to the identity of your own product, in the collective minds of the target market.It is widely recognized that Apple is a insurance premium brand that demands and earns a price premium. This price premium spans the entire Apple product line-up encompassing the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, software, and accessories. Apples positioning is aligned with targeting a less price mass medium customer. As a result, Apples culture and internal activities are structured to meet the needs of these customers strategists call this needs-based positioning. Apple has thus created a culture and a set of activities to differentiate it from rivals in order to meet the needs of their target customers. If Apple were to attempt to compete for all customer s egments, it would have to lower product prices. The insecurity with such an approach is that it would not only undermine and erode the companys premium brand image but it would also undermine the companys culture and internal activities.Andreasen and Kotler, (2008) apprize three levels of product features. They are Core, Tangible, and Augmented (Refer to appendix 1).Core Product. What is the core benefit your product offers?. Customers who purchase a camera are buying more than just a camera they are purchasing memories. For Apple core product is its brand.Actual Product All cameras capture memories. The aim is to ensure that your latent customers purchase your one. The strategy at this level involves organisations branding, adding features and benefits to ensure that their product offers a differential advantage from their competitors. These are tangible. IPhone come with a beautiful packing. Apple made iTunes the activation agent for the IPhone, thus making customers familiar w ith its product.Augmented product What additional non-tangible benefits can you offer? Competition at this level is based around after sales service, warranties, delivery and so on. John Lewis a retail departmental store offers free five year guarantee on purchases of their telly sets, this gives their customers the additional benefit of piece of mind over the five years should their purchase develop a fault. Apple has setup a Genius bar and offers warranty for the product. This helps its customers to have confidence in the brand thus enables them to buy their product.Apple took care that its product not reaching the objurgate stage. When 2G seemed to reach decline stage it came forward with 3G and it continued till 4G.Each time it kept on increasing the price which benefited the company.Competitor ActionsBrand attitude also depends on competitor actions. A downturn in Hewlett-Packards attitude occurred during two quarters in which Canon ran some hard-hitting comparison advertisin g about Hewlett-Packards printers, the most transparent Hewlett-Packard product with respect to advertising exposure. More dramatic was the impact of Windows 95. A product intended to neutralize Apples user-friendly comparative advantage, on Apples brand attitude. For the first quarter of 1994 (when Techtel respondents, some of whom were beta version testers, first began to provide opinions about Windows 95) to the fourth quarter of 1997, we find a very strong negative interrelationship (i.e., a correlation of -.95) between the attitudes toward Apple and toward Windows 95.ConclusionBrand is all-important. Apple is one of the most established and healthy IT brands in the World, and has a very true-blue set of enthusiastic customers that advocate the brand. Such a powerful loyalty means that Ample not only recruits new customers, it retains them i.e. they come back for more products and services from Apple, and the company also has the opportunity to extend new products to them App le is definitely perceived as a premium brand from the customers perspective. But in case of Iphone4, Apple lost reputation from its customers. It felt in a race for cannibalizing their own products and tried to skim off the profits. Even it tried to fixedness its lost reputation from the customers it was not acceptable from such highly perceived company. Customers expect high valued products from Apple they might take all executable measures to care about its next product. Else, they may fall behind by miles in this market competition.BiblographyBrassington, F., Pettitt, S. (2007). Essentials of Marketing. Essex Prentice Hall.Dibb, S., Simkin, L., Pride, w. M., Ferrell, O. C. (2006). Marketing Concepts and Strategies (5th ed.). 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