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Free College Essays - The Optimists Daughter :: The Optimists Daughter

The Optimists female child   The major characters in The Optimists Daughter are arbiter McKelva, Becky Mckelva, laurel Mckelva, Wanda Fay, Dr. Courtland, throw off Adele Courtland, Tish hint, major(ip) Bullock, dangle Tennyson, and Miss Missouri. Becky Mckelva was Judge Mckelvas wife before she break offd and had medallion Mckelva with him. Wanda Fay remarried Judge Mckelva after his wifes death. Dr. Courtland did surgical process on Becky Mckelva and the final transaction on Judge Mckelva. Miss Adele Courtland is the sister of Dr. Courtland and is a brides maid to laurel McKelva. Tish Bullock is also a brides maid to Laurel and is the daughter of Miss Tennyson and Major Bullock. Miss Tennyson is a nonher brides maid to Laurel McKelva and is married to Major Bullock. Miss Missouri is the maid to the McKelvas and a long time friend of the family.   3.1 twain main characters in The Optimists Daughter are Wanda Fay and Laurel McKelva. Wanda Fay is a woman i n her 40s and has the due date of a child. Whenever she becomes mad, Fay starts to scream, point fingers, and search out hatful who will help her. She can not stand up and press out for herself, instead Fay uses tactics to make her opponent feel sorry or inferior. This makes her extremely hard to get along with since she is always demanding and never giving. Laurel McKelva is the complete opposite of Wanda Fay. She is kind hearted, nice, caring, and intelligent. Laurel has a air of maturity and understanding around her due to her experiences in life.   3.3 In "The Optimists Daughter" Judge McKelva will soon enter eye surgery to fix a slipped retina. Judge McKelva, his daughter, Laurel, and his new wife, Fay, are all anxious about the surgery and what king happen. Laurels mother died from cancer that started with her eyes and the family fears that the judge might be suffering from the same illness. The surgery symbolizes a fear that is contained by the three main c haracters and is a form of foreshadowing. As mentioned by Laurel several times, she fears that her father might not make it out of the operation and die, like her mother, blind and confused. I predict that Judge McKelva will not make it through the surgery or he will die shortly afterwards. With such a sudden death, Laurel and Fay will not have time to say good-bye to him and this will lead to complications later in the book.

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MRSA infection in neonatal intensive care units

Methicillin-resistant S. aureus strains increased in the U.S. from 2.4% in 1975 to 29% in 1991. Once established, MRSA is very difficult to eradicate. One of the biggest challenges is blocking cross-transmission of these organisms. legitimate patients are more prone to contagious disease and colonization by MRSA, and neonates in NICUs are a high-risk group (Finkelstein, 1999, 24).Risk factors for acquiring MRSA entangle prolonged hospitalization a stay in an ICU or burn unit previous antimicrobial therapy surgical site transmissions and vulnerability to colonized or infected patients. The majority of MRSA infections in neonates are master(a) bacteremias and pneumonias. MRSA infections shed also been associated with increased morbidity and mortality, and greater hospital cost than those due to methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA).Why are neonates more prone to MRSA infection?With regards to disrobe infection it has been shown that an infants gestational maturat e has a great trespass on cutaneal parapet function as measured by transepidermal water loss. Preterm infants younger than 28 weeks show decreased functioning of the epidermal barrier, placing them at risk for cutaneous bacterial infection (Kalia, 1998, 323). The skin barrier attains full function, similar to adult skin, by 2 to 4 weeks of age but can take as long as 8 weeks in extremely premature infants. Mandel et al. (2004, 161) conducted a retrospective analysis of the affair of cutaneous abscess in sepsis. They erect that in 22% of the newborn infants with nosocomial sepsis, cutaneous abscess was the underlying caexercising.Additionally, their immune systems are underdeveloped, with white blood cells-neutrophils in particular-moving more slowly than adults. Its suspected that neonates become colonized with S. aureus soon afterward being placed in a nursery, with the umbilical stump as the site of initial colonization. Factors identified with MRSA extravasations in NICUs allow in high infant-to-staff ratios and infection transmission through hand behavior by health tutorship workers (AAP, 1997)Spread of MRSA transmittal and preventionMRSA is found on the anterior nares, groin, and perineum, S. aureus is a normal part of the ashes flora. Its also a common pathogen, do major infections in both compromised and uncompromised patients. The normal immune response of the body can overcome any MRSA attempt to infection, but in the intense awe due to reduced immune response, and bacterial resistance, these organisms van fabricate havoc. In a report from Australia quoted by Park (2007, 26-27), it was shown that from 1992 to 1994, methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) infections ca expenditured only 8% of staphylococcal infections but from 1995 to 1998, there was an disclosebreak of MRSA infection in 2 Melbourne hospitals.Methods to halt the circulate of MRSA outbreaks include reducing overcrowding and improving staffing patterns, treating umbilica l pile with triple-dye, and bathing full-term infants with hexachlorophene. But unless strict adherence to infection retain is maintained, it is not possible to control this infection. Handwashing is close important. The American Academy of pedology recommends that neonatal nursery staff perform a three-minute handwash at the start of each shift, cleansing up to the elbows with an antiseptic soap and sponger brush (AAP, 1997).Infected neonates should be placed on contact precautions. hither the infant must be handled with gloves, and if possible, appearing on the spacing available and the corking status of the infant, they should be assigned to isolated chambers (Larson, 1995, 259, 262). Hitomi etal (2000, 127), advocate the use of mupirocin as a nasal spray to control nasal carriage of MRSA in the hospital staff, which act as the greatest source of spread of this infection.Effects of nosocomial MRSA infectionAccording to the NNIS (2002), In 2000, 55.3% of S. aureus isolates causing nosocomial infections among patients hospitalized in intensive care units in hospitals reporting to the depicted object Nosocomial Infection Surveillance System were resistant to methicillin. Nambiar etal(2003, 224) give an interesting identify of the complications MRSA can cause in an intensive care setting. They describe an outbreak of MRSA, in which neonates had meningitis, blood stream infection (with its complications soft tissue abscess, injure and a right atrial thrombus, suppurative thrombophlebitis, osteoarthritis of the distal femoris and knee joint). Masanga (1999, 169) reported colonic stenosis after MRSA enterocolitis.The predisposing factors for neonatal MSSA enterocolitis include breast nutriment from a pay off with staphylococcal mastitis,an indwelling feeding catheter and malnutrition. The clinical picture of MSSA enterocolitis in the neonate is characterized by acute aggression of diarrhea and ileus.Necrotizing enterocolitis. intensive care includin g mechanical ventilation, indwelling feeding catheter, the use of antibiotics, the delay of feeding causing the lower acidity of gastric contents, inactive peristalsis and the change of bowel flora, conditions similar to those seen in postoperative patients most likely predisposed to abnormal MRSA growth and resultant enterocolitis. toxic blow out of the water syndrome (combination of erythema and thrombocytopenia, low-positive C-reactive protein (CRP) value, or fever), (Richtmann etal, 2000, 88-89, Takahashi, 2003, 234-35).Effect on parentsThe illness in the neonate is a great source of stress to the parents. Not only is the child disjunct from the mother, which leads to anxiety for the mother, and nursing problems. There occur problems of lactation, with breast engorgement and galactorrhoea. In addition, the mother is at a greater risk of catching infection from a septicemic child with pneumonia and exanthemas. Skin infection can spread via contact. so parents are at an increa sed risk from a child bear upon with MRSA infection.TreatmentPrevention is the best intercession. This infection can be chop-chop fatal in the neonates, particularly the preterm infants. Prompt recognition of the symptoms and active measures to prevent spread can reduce the morbidity and mortality. Cultures should be obtained for susceptibility endeavor in any child with a presumed S. aureus infection that is moderate to severe. The survival of empiric therapy, before susceptibility testing, and the choice of definitive therapy will depend on the local antibiotic resistance patterns, the tissue site and unkindness of infection, and the toxicity profile of the antibiotic.Vancomycin has been the traditional antibiotic employed for the treatment of MRSA pneumonia. It has been found, however, that problems with lung tissue penetration may limit the effectiveness of vancomycin Similarly, daptomycin has been shown to have limited activity for pneumonia due to limited lung penetratio n and inhibition by surfactant. Linezolid has also recently been evaluated as a specific treatment for MRSA pneumonia, and found to have good lung tissue penetration capability (Bradley, 200575-77)ConclusionsMRSA infection in the neonatal intensive care setting is associated with exceptional morbidity and mortality. handicap measures are the key to victory against MRSA. Each unit has to chart out effective protocols of infection control and adhere to it with a strong will.References1 Finkelstein LE etal(1999MRSA in NeonatesAm J Nurs, tawdriness 99(1).January.242 Kalia YN, Nonato LB, Lund CH, et al(1998) Development of skin barrier function in premature infants. J Invest Dermatol 111320-3263 Mandel D, Littner Y, Mimouni FB, et al.( 2004) Nosocomial cutaneous abscesses in septic infants. Arch Dis Child fetal Neonatal Ed 89F161-F1624 American Academy of Pedaitrics and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (1997)Guidelines for Perinatal care, 4th ed. Elk Grove Village, I L, The Academy,5 PARK CH etal(2007). changing trend of neonatal infection Experience at a fresh established regional medical center in KoreaPediatr Int, hatful 49(1).24306 Larson, E. L(1995). APIC guideline for handwashing and hand antisepsis in health care settings. Am.J. Infect.Control 23251-269.7 Hitomi S, Kubota M, Mori N, et al(2005) Control of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus outbreak in a neonatal intensive care unit by undiscriminating use of nasal mupirocin ointment. J Hosp Infect 46 1231298 National Nosocomial Infections Surveillance (NNIS) System Report. Data Summary from January 1992 to June 2001. Issued August 2001. operational at http// nnisreports. Accessed Mar 5 20079 Nambiar S, Herwaldt LA, Singh N (2003). clap of invasive disease caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in neonates and prevalence in the neonatal intensive care unit. Pediatr Crit Care Med, Volume 4(2).220-22610 Masanga K et al (1999). Colonic Stenosis After Severe Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Enterocolitis In A Newborn. Pediatr Infect Dis J, Volume 18(2).169-17111 Richtmann R etal.(2000) Outbreak Of Methicillin-Resistent Staphylococcus Aureus (Mrsa) Infection On A Neonate Intensive Care Unit (Nicu) The lynchpin Role Of Infection Control Measures. Am J Infect Control, Volume 28(1).February 88-89.12 Takahashi N (2003). Neonatal toxic shock syndrome-like exanthematous disease (NTED). Pediatr Int, Volume 45(2).23323713 Bradley JS (2005). Newer antistaphylococcal agents Curr Opin Pediatr, Volume 17(1).71-77         

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Hrm and Technology

1. 0 Introduction In immediatelys promptly changing pargonntage world, the necessitate has arisen to harness the visions to its optimum mathematical function in crop to gain supremacy in the business atomic number 18na. engineering plays a vital role as this applies to the some valu equal resource of kindkinde resource too. Technology has greatly influenced the transformation from traditional and personal guidance to a to a greater extent strategic military man resource guidance come along. The ongoing engineering science improvement has paved the way for quick access to take hold the preferred resource regardless of geographical and environmental barriers.The tip of engine room rehearse across various activities of HRM, especi wholly toldy in recruiting and recognizeion covers from advert positions, receiving applications, initial screening to final section. This particular search besidest be for doorway take, middle level and high level position as ap propriate, according to the external and internal factors of an composition. Huge cost reductions in HR perplex in addition been experienced through and through applied science application, while, they ask excessively led to adverse impacts such as redundancies and lay-offs.Communication development technology gos further much, from the recruitment dish to c atomic number 18er development process through educational activity and development, and ca-cas resource force out in the nerve. Computer based testing leads to frank selections, arbitrating to utile and in force(p) gentleman imagination Management. Access to Human choice Information frames (HRIS) has also dish uped to automate most of the functions of HRM to a greater extent and allows the HR activities to run in a less cumbersome and efficient manner.This report further out channels the adoption of practical(prenominal) clobber and outsourcing as a result of modern technological evolution, and the eudae monias and impacts that technology has embraced towards Human Resource Management. 2. 0 DISCUSSION 2. 0 What is Human Resource Management? According to pig &038 Daft, Human resource solicitude refers to the activities undertaken to close in, develop and maintain an effective run force within an brass. In other(a) words HRM is the function dealing with managing mint within the employer employee relationship (St peerless, 2005).HRM function take aims the fat use of people in achieving the organisations strategic business objects and the satisfaction of item-by-item employee necessarily. HRM is closely related to other coun shoping aspects, as its main objective is to improve the productive contri moreoverion of people. Human Resources Management encompasses a simple range of activities inclusive of find outing and deciding on plying call for, hiring, recruiting and train the most belongting employees, ensuring and evaluating their surgery, , and ensuring that t he personnel and management practices conform to various regulations.It also includes activities relating to managing approaches for employee issues such as benefits and compensation, safety, employee records and personnel policies. (Snell &038 Sherman, 2004). Human Resource managers plan, administer and review activities relating to staff selection, training and development, conditions of barter and other clement resource issues within system of ruless (Peters, 2004). 3. 0 Objectives of exploitation Technology in HRM The study of HRM describes what human resource managers do and what they should do. period t present be many definitions of HRM, its primary purpose is to improve the productive contri besidesion of people within an nerve. Until the last few years the theater of operations was chousen as personnelmanagement. (Eddie &038 Smith, 2004). Now the term human resource management is increasingly utilise in recognition of the brilliance of an organizations courseforc e in contributing to the goals of that organization. Todays human resource issues atomic number 18 big and appear to be always expanding.The human resource manager faces a multitude of problems ranging from a constantly changing workforce to coping with ever increasing government rules and regulations. Because of the critical nature of human resource concerns, they argon receiving ontogenyd attention from upper levels of management. It used to be rare to cod farm out advertisements for human resource managers. Now such advertisements are rattling(prenominal) super acid and encompass signifi female genitalst organizational responsibilities. People are the common element in every organization. From an organizations perspective, its staff is its human resources.It is people deal you who produce the goods and servings that create wealth. It is these goods and services that contribute to our standard of living. (Collins, 2005). There are many challenges facing organizations tod ay. The better our organizations work, the easier it is for smart set to acquire the present and future threats and opportunities. It corporation be said that the fundamental challenge we face in society is to continually improve the gravid punishment of our organizations in two the private and public sectors. Part of this improvement volition come from organizations becoming more efficient and effective.This requires the effective management in these organizations. 4. 0 Technology in the modern business An Organizations Technology is the process by which inputs from an organizations environment are transformed into outputs. This ideal integrates organizationallevel technology research with human resource management strategies. (Robert, Mathis, John Harold 2006). The model relates dimensions of technical processes to humanresource practices, focusing on practices used to develop employees. These relationships are mediated by the shell of skills employeesuse.An trial-and-e rror study of 139 employees found support for twohypotheses developed from the model. Results suggested thattechnology and HRM activities are connected through the levelof cognitive skill complexity and the number of support employeesreceive in developing brand-new skills. Due to budges in the waydecisions are sire in organizations today (for example, makingmore decisions at lower levels) the connection between the workprocess, the skills employees acquire, and the emphasis on developingemployees pass on get increasingly important. 5. Impact of Technology in HRM The technology has radically changed the way employees and managers access human resource info, and the use of on demarcation HR solutions has expanded rapidly over the past year. (Collins, 2005). Self-service and online tools have pose important in the continuing effort to improve the management of HR functions and to drive emulous advantage, the survey found. As the lines blur between HR entropy and that used by the rest of the enterprise, organizations find it makes genius to consolidate all employee data using a corporate portal.The importance of HR self-service is increasing, especially those applications that improve employee performance. Were seeing the strongest growth among applications cogitate on managing and enhancing worker skills and productivityno surprise stipulation that up to 70 percent of an enterprises expenses are people-related. _ newly skills involve As new technologies are developed and implemented, there is an Urgent indigence to upgrade existing employee skills and get it onledge if the organization wants to survive and flourish in a competitive boot there will be growing demand for workers with more sophisticate training and skills especially in emerging hot sectors like telecommunications, hospitality, retailing, banking, insurance, biotechnology and financial services. For example, services. For example, service sector employee requires differen t skills than those utilized in manufacturing. (Peters, 2004). They need strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as the might to handle customer complaints in a flexible way. _ Downsizing New Technologies have decimated many lower end pipelines with frustrating regularity.Increased mechanisation has sickend employee head counts everywhere. The pressure to remain cost effective has also compelled many a firm to go lean, stinging down trim fat at each managerial level. The wave of merger and attainment activity, in recent A time has often left the new, unite companies to down coat operations ruthlessly. The Positions that have been filled up with workers possessing superior technical skills and familiarity has also tilted the poser base ( in many emerging industries) from management to technical workers.It is not uncommon today for managers to have circumscribed understanding of the technical aspects of their subordinates work. Managing the expectations of fello wship workers is going be major(ip) playing area of concern for all HR Managers in the years ahead. (Akin, Norton, Peg, 2004) _ Collaborative work Technological change has resulted in hierarchical distinctions being blurred and more collaborative teamwork where managers, technicians and analysts work together on projects. Team based inducement plans have also made it necessary for all classes of employees to work in close coordination with each other. Telecommuting The rapid advances in technology have led to the relocation of work from the office to the home. Telecommuting has become the order of the day where employees work at home, usually with information processing dodges and use phoned and the Internet to enchant letters, data and completed work to the home office. Companies have been able-bodied to increase their applier pool through this mode and employees have also been able to live further away from cities and gain considerably due to savings in rents, transportatio n etc. _ Internet and intranet revolutionInternet and study technology have enabled companies to become more competitive by cutting costs. Manufacturers, bank, retailers, and you name anything have successfully harnessed ready reckoner technology to crucify their costs and pay want satisfying goods and services to customers at an astonish speed. Even in HR, internets and intranets are being used to handle training, benefit administration, performance management and out placement functions, in recent times. (Peters, 2004). The accumulative impact of new technology is so dramatic that at a broader level, organizations are changing the way they do business.Use of the internet to actualize business has become so commonplace for both large and lessened companies that e-commerce is rapidly becoming the organizational challenge of the new millennium. Managing virtual corporations and virtual workers in this technology driven world is going to pose unvoiced challenges for HR Manager s in the years ahead. _ Role of HR in a virtual organization A virtual organization is network of companies or employees connected by computers. Virtual workers work from home, hostel, their cars, or wherever their work takes them.The human resources function plays a unique role in a virtual organization i. Psychological fit The lack of face-to-face fundamental interaction in virtual organization, virtually compels HR professionals to determine the psychological fit between different units initially. (Collins, 2005). ii. System alignment Given the lack of carnal proximity, it becomes take down more critical that the organizations mission, vision and measures be aligned and that all parties are familiar with these issues, the HR function can play an important role in this task. iii.Reconsider supports In a virtual unit. Very few permanent exit. In many cases, the organization will be staffed with workers having different motivational forces. So recompenseing each entity in an eff ective way becomes an important job. iv. Reconsider staffing needs In a virtual organization, most employees work on a contractual basis. Finding people with requisite skills, a knowledge and motivation level becomes an important activity. v. Build partnerships Virtual, teams have to be built from scratch stipendiary attention to their unique requirements.The concept of employment needs to be replaced by the concept of partnership especially when most tend to work individually away from the permanent employees or owners of the organization. vi. Develop leaders Leaders become the major forces for building trust, creating a mission and instilling a backbone of belonging to the organization HR can play a major role in ensuring that leaders assume these responsibilities and meet them in an effective away. (Collins, 2005). 6. 0 Technology in HR Activities A human resources officeholder develops, advises on and implements policies relating to the effective use of personnel within an o rganization.HR personnel work comprises a number of different but related policies, all of which are required by organizations that employ people, whatever the size or type of business. These cover areas such as workings practices, recruitment, stipend, conditions of employment and diversity. HR staffs need to tick that the organization employs the properly balance of staff in terms of skills and experience, and that training and development opportunities are functional to employees to nurture their performance in order to achieve the organizations objectives. Collins, 2005). Typical work activities As a human resources (HR) officer they must have a clear understanding of their organizations business objectives and be able to devise and implement policies which select, develop and retain the right staff mandatory to meet these objectives. (Farquharson, 2006)The exact nature of the work activities varies according to the organization, but is probably to include working closely with departments, increasingly in a consultancy role, assisting line managers to understand and implement policies and procedures promoting equality and diversity as part of the ending of the organization liaising with a wide range of organizations involved in areas such as dis faculty, gender, age, religion and health and safety recruiting staff this includes developing job definitions, preparing advertisements, checking application forms, short listing, interviewing and selecting vistas developing policies on issues such as working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and absence management advising on pay and other remuneration issues, including promotion and benefits undertaking regular salary reviews negotiating with staff and their representatives on issues relating to pay and conditions administering payroll and maintaining records relating to staff interpreting and advising on employment legislation listening to griev ances and implementing disciplinary procedures developing HR planning strategies with line managers, which consider immediate and long-term staff requirements in terms of numbers pool and skill levels planning and sometimes bring backing training, including inductions for new staff Analyzing training needs in conjunction with departmental managers. (Farquharson, 2006) When considering all the above accepts of a human resource manager, they must allocate much and more time and get-up-and-go on selecting the right candidate to the right position.The technology can be used on Selected HRM activities such for Employee recruitment, employee selection, training and development and performance appraisals 6. 1 recruitment &038 selection The HR manager faces the main challenge when it comes to Recruitment and selection the manager has to be much more metrical when choosing the right candidate. A recent study showed that the correlation between the ability to deliver well in a job int erview and the ability to do well on the job is just 14 percent, or one good employee out of every seven people you admit. (Okpara, 2006). If you or your recruitment agency has found itself in a similar position, there are proven methods to improve this average. The same study considered these methods. Background Checks According to (Okpara, 2006).The 14 percent increases to 26 percent if the candidates passes a series ofemployee background checks like falsified educational credentials and other serious liabilities, background checks only weaken information when an individual has been caught being lying. Of equal or greater observe are underlying attitudes, as well as actions at which an applicant has not been caught, to most fully protect the organization against negligent hiring lawsuits and to checker the organizations are hiring renonresistant, ethical, hard-working employees. Knowing this information about the people the company get is absolutely essential because a busine ss can be held liable for accidents and crimes committed by its employees. Personality Tests consider traditional appraisal tools used in the hiring process. These judgings measure personality characteristics.Personality testsraised the rate of success in hiring to around 50 percent positive. (Okpara, 2006). Many employers want to know a candidates aptitude and personality type to ensure an appropriate job match. Some want to know it before they hire a candidate, some before they promote an employee, and some before they create work teams. In an effort to learn more about an employee, employers today administer personality tests. There are many kinds of personality tests available, but in the workplace a validated and reliable occupational assessment is critical to success on the job. (Okpara, 2006). Those professionals do not pass or fail but should be selected for the job that matches their individual personalities.Abilities Assessments When applicants were tested for both abilit ies and personality, employers found they were hiring the right people just over half or about 54 percent of the time. (Times, 2006) After managers have used to identify their employees strengths and areas for development, they can use the Series to software products available to develop the competencies that are most important to their professional growth and success. (Okpara, 2006). The softwares are conveniently located on the Internet, making it lightheaded to implement and execute. These systems help managers to keep doing the things they do well, stop doing those things that interfere with their effectiveness, and get going doing things that will improve their performance. These systems encourage managers to perform their jobs better.It gives emphasis to the importance of managers to the organization and its goals and pays big dividends in the form of improved productivity, fewer people problems, change magnitude employee retention, and greater profits. It is an ideal metho d for managers to improve their leadership and management skills. It can be used anywhere and at any time because it is on the Internet. After responding to questions and doing online exercises, it gives managers the tools they need to maximize their strengths, become better managers, and lead more effectively. Interest Assessments To take it one step further, the study consideredinterest assessments, an even more sophisticated tool. It measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive idea and Reasoning Style, Behavioral character, and Occupational Interests.These systems were used for placement, promotion, self-improvement, instruct, succession planning, and job description development. (Okpara, 2006). It is a flexible management tool that develops Job partake Patterns that can be customized by company, department, manager, position, geography, or any combination of these factors. Job MatchAssessments The study found that the most impressive and successful asses sments are integrate measures of a combination of factors, and also include the concept ofjob match. They use cutting-edge technology combined with empirical data to evaluate the candidate against employees who are exemplary in playacting their duties. Okpara, 2006). These recruitment assessments increased an employers ability to identify excellent candidates more than 75 percent of the time. Hiring top performing employees may be one of the most valuable activities you can do for your business. This system combine tested and reliable data derived from pre-employment screening assessment system, with a customized job analysis survey to create a bench mark by which the manager can hire an employee who best fits for the job and company. Employee Selection Process By including job match as a separate factor in your employee hiring process, allocation of human bang-up will be significantly more effective.Most employee hiring decisions are made with inadequate information, but Profil es International assessments will deliver the information that the manager need to know before tendering a job offer and making a hiring mistake. 6. 2 Performance Appraisal Technology may contribute to performance management and thus to appraisal satisfaction in two primary ways. First, technology may facilitate measuring an individuals performance via computer monitoring activities. This frequently occurs as an unobtrusive and rote mechanical process that relies on minimal input from individuals beyond their task performance. Jobs that incorporate this type of appraisal technology are frequently scripted or insistent and involve little personal judgment or discretion. Working in a call centre or performing data entry are examples. (Peters, 2004).In this instance, the very act of performing a job simultaneously becomes the measure of how well a jobholder accomplishes it. Keystrokes, time on task, or numbers of calls made are recorded and at once become both job content and appraisa l content. A second approach to technology and performance management changes the emphasis so that technology becomes a tool to facilitate the process of writing reviews or generating performance feedback. Examples here include multi-rater appraisals that supervisors or team members generate online, as well as off-the-shelf appraisal software packages that actually construct an evaluation for a manager. (Peters, 2004). This particular technological approach occurs more often in the ontext of jobs that involve personal judgment, high discretion, and open-ended tasks for which real-time performance monitoring is not an option. 6. 3 Training and Development The activity of Training and development has been made more efficient from the implementation of technology to it. Organizations now use computer based training sessions which use a visually demonstrated and institution oriented training programme for the employees. (Peters, 2004). Programmes are stored in computers which reduce th e indispensability of getting trainers to repeat the training programme over and over again. The employees are also equipped with softwares which enable them to re-check and use as manuals for the work they perform, thus influencing a cheaper mechanism of Self Training. (Peters, 2004).Errors and omissions are eliminated in the training programme, making the employees to understand their job processes more efficiently. 6. 4 compensate System The revolution is being driven by new technologies and by the major social and political changes that have led to the globalization of business and to the increasing numbers of democratic, capitalist countries. Billions of people have recently entered, or are about to enter, the capitalist world. (Collins, 2005). A smaller but very significant number have entered the world of electronic connectedness as a result of the growing popularity of the Internet, satellite TV, cellular phones, and videoconferencing.The combined effect of technological and political change on organizations are enormous and multifaceted. Increasingly, organizations are finding that in order to be competitive in the new global economy they have to reinvent themselves in important ways. This is on-key of their basic organizational structure, their global reach, and their use of information technology. (Collins, 2005). It is also on-key of their reinforcement systems. The old reward practices and systems that worked well in nationally focused, bureaucratic, capital-intensive, hierarchical, steady-state, near-monopoly corporations. melodramatic change is needed, and it is not difficult to identify what the key theme of todays reward systems should be a focus on rewarding excellence.Many factors point for excellence being the number-one focus of any organizations reward system, including the ability to attract and retain the best people and to motivate the kind of performance that an organization needs in order to succeed in the new economy. Creating reward systems that focus on excellence and treat employees as human capital investors requires a major change in the way most systems operate. (Collins, 2005). honour systems typically treat employees as job holders who are rewarded according to the size and nature of their jobs and how well they perform their jobs. Viewing them as human capital investors suggests a different approach to rewards in two respects. First, it suggests basing rewards on the entertain of the human capital that people bring to the organization.What their job is at a particular moment is much less important than the value of their knowledge and skills. Second, it suggests rewarding people according to how effectively they use their human capital-their knowledge, skills, and competencies to help the organization improve its business performance. Creating reward systems that recognize the value of human capital and reward performance excellence is not easy. It requires a careful articulation among an orga nizations reward system, business strategy, organization design, information systems, and employees. (Collins, 2005). I will begin our discussion of how it can be done by considering how reward systems impact organizational effectiveness. 7. 0 HRIS Human resource info systemThe Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a program or software or online issue solving method for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within a business. (Stone, 2005). In general packaged as a data base, hundreds of companies sell some form of HRIS and every HRIS has different capabilities. It is very important to select the HRIS carefully based on the capabilities you need for the organisation. Benefits of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity to help HR manage both a sea of information and the money spent on benefits plans, as HR faces limited resources and constan tly changing data. (Stone, 2005). As a result the HRIS that most effectively serves companies tracks Pay raises and history, pay grades and positions held Performance development plans, training received Disciplinary action received, personal employee information High potential employee identification, and applicant tracking, interviewing, and selection. An effective HRIS provides information on just about anything the company needs to track and analyze about employees, former employees, and applicants. Your company will need to select a Human Resources Information System and customize it to meet your needs. 8. 0 Benefits of Technology in HRM Technology is changing the way we work, the roles we undertake, and the interactions through which work gets done. (Peters, 2004).Companies are leveraging to manage the complexity of the global HRM and to deliver high-quality service. Companies use either a common system universal to all location For a example, HSBC uses people soft Ids to identify all the employees dispatched globally. play out is the system that is used in MAS Holdings Globally, which enables the employees, suppliers and the management and the higher management to make Operational, analytical and strategic decisions, or a set of non standard system in unique to a each location to handle their HR programs and informational needs. The problem with the latter is that data are often late, incomplete and/or inaccurate. However because the time and cost factors they are the most commonly used.To reduce the negative impact of such problems some companies are developing service centers utilizing self service technologies and HRIS databases to eliminate routine work and to push economy point back the employee or line management. With an appropriate use of HRM technology Human Resources staff enables employees to do their own benefits updates and address changes (example by creating a data entry format , uploading it to the intranet and later program the fi lled data to be store into a central location), thus freeing HR staff for more strategic functions. Additionally, data necessary for employee management, knowledge development, passage growth and development, and equal treatment is facilitated. (Farquharson, 2006).Finally, managers can access the information they need to legally, ethically, and effectively support the success of their reporting employees. 9. 0 Conclusion Technology and Human Resource have brought about a radical change in meeting with the strategies, policies and implementation of the corporate planning of an organization. In other words, it has become the nucleus of an organization, which caters to the requirements of selecting the right candidate for the suitable job, training and coaching them to develop and achieve the desired levels to maximize objectives and to create a competitive edge in the industry and ultimately sustain them in the organization with a career development plan.In this process, opportunitie s will be given to those who are really in need of a specific photo in another country so as to acquire the required skills. This so called valuable resource will be able to cater to the demand with a long-term view, by adopting the right technology cash advance at the right time and improve the overall operation of the organization with a clear vision and hence contribute to the bottomline which will enhance the share value and satisfy the shareholders to achieve satisfaction. 10. 0 Reference ? Stone, J, R. (2005). Human Resource Management. (5th Ed. ). John Wiley and sons, Australia ? Anne Osborne Kilpatrick, James A. Johnson, 2004. Handbook of Health Administration, Co. CRC Press ? Collins, M. (2005). professed(prenominal) recruitment daybook of proquest education, p. 32. ? Eddie, C. &038 Smith. (2004). Human Resource and Personnel Management text and Cases, Co. Tata-Mcgrawhill, p. 87-89. ? Farquharson, M. (2006). Performance appraisal Journal of proquest education, p12. ? Grey . . (2005). Human resource planning Journal of proquest education. ? Robert L. Mathis, John Harold Jackson, 2006. Human Resource Management, Co. Thomson South- Western ? Okpara, J. O. (2006). Job satisfaction American journal of academy of business, p81. ? Peters, L. (2004). five keys to effective recruiting Ivey business journal, p 21-24. ? Snell &038 Sherman, 2004, managing human resource 12th edition

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Jose Rizal Essay

Many of us know already who Dr. Jose Rizal is. A national hero, a genius, a writer, a scientist and a doctor, these argon the first thing that comes to our mind. He is a man with many accomplishments. All his writings and works are still recognized in the whole world. Through reading this paper, you could amaze fall out how his life has gone to many challenges and what contribution he left(a) in our country.As a Filipino, we are proud because Dr. Jose Rizal gives all of us inspiration in all the things we do. This term paper will bedeck what his many-sided personalities are, as a physician, poet, novelist, essayist, dramatist, historian, sculptor, architect, musician, linguist, bibliophile, translator, educator, economist, surveyor, engineer, naturalist, archeologist, philologist, inventor, sportsman, magician and prophet.We can say that he is an excellent, talented, and yet a very humble man. He truly was a man of action, he did not only looked over the people nor however tell people what to do, he helped them in their everyday work. Dr. Jose Rizal is our hero, our inspiration, our lesson of the past that we should be a man for our country. The main purpose of this paper is to know most the heroism of Dr. Jose Rizal and present his life, works, and writing in an interesting manner.Well find out who are the nine women linked to him and what are the challenges he encounter temporary hookup he was in exile in Dapitan.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

World, in Hounding Me

World, In Hounding Me The verse form World, in Hounding Me written by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz explains her ethos and thought help in order to give a greater understanding of her headland and in doing so, is also discernmental about modern carriage. She wishes to enrich her mind, record and existence with the understanding of beauty and humility. In the poem, it states, How can it harm you if I choose, astutely, rather to stock my mind with things of beauty, than waste its stock on every beautys claim? . Rather than making herself look beautiful on the outside, she emphasis on making herself beautiful from within by finding the goods she has in her and understanding the importance of her existence in the world.She wishes to avoid the corruptions of wealth and vanity. The poem states, Costliness and wealth bring me no pleasure the solitary(prenominal) felicitousness I care to find derives from setting treasure in my mind, and not from mind thats set on winning treasure. . She doesnt want happiness that only last a moment. She wants happiness that lasts a life time and beyond. She asks to be a simple woman with simple pleasures and not be do to enter the race of accumulating things and wealth. The poem states, I prize no comeliness. only fair things pay to time, the victor, their appointed fee and treasure cheats even the dear eye. .She doesnt want anything that can be secure through wealth and power. She seeks the pleasures of life that is given by god. She wants to accumulate knowledge and understanding of her psych and also judgment about modern life. She believed life isnt about looking pretty or gaining happiness through wealth. Instead she believed that everyone is beautiful inside and that the happiness is gain through the pleasure of life given by god.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Health & Wellness Essay

Heath and wellness are key components in my life. To me, wellness is having no health issues such as, illness, sickness or injury. Wellness is a synonym of health, however I would define it as living a happy, sizable lifestyle with little or no health issues. I musical none the enormousness of health should be acceptd in everyones quotidian lives. The importance of health to me is to live a long, prosperous life. Also, to avoid health check conditions that go along with an un sanitary lifestyle. Throughout my paper I leave express my philosophical opinion on health and wellness.My view on philosophical health and wellness starts with being build upd on healthy foods and eating habits. Poor eating habits hit become more plebeian in our society over the last couple of decades. Obesity is bonny a significant problem in America, especially in vernal children. Another serious philosophical belief that I drive is corporal activity. Physical activity is something one shoul d incorporate into his/her daily schedule. Something as mere(a) as walking can improve ones health. For example, instead of a progeny child or teenager laying around on his/her electric cell or compete video games, he/she could be outside playing a pick up game of basketball, football, etc. I feel if one incorporates any material activity into his/her daily life, our society would be much healthier.I try to incorporate as much physiological activity into my life as possible. Being a school-age child jock here at Waynesburg University allow make that a lot easier for me. As I am part of a group or family as I call them now, we all encourage each other to stoppage naturally active and swan a healthy lifestyle. I am also trying not to fall into the stereotypical category of The catechumen Fifteen. Every freshman fears those words, but that is where healthy eating habits come in to play.In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one of my goals is to maintain a healthy weigh t. To do this, I must reduce the summate of processed foods, junk foods, and carbonated beverages in my diet. Being a student athlete I am required to maintain a train of physical activity before, during, and after my season. Therefore, my goal during offseason is to at least run sixty minutes per day. Another goal I throttle for myself is fourth dimension management.With my busy schedule I will need to get an captivate amount of sleep each night. My eating habits, time management, diet, and physical seaworthiness will need to change to meet the goals that I soak up set for myself.A seemingly non health issue would be a triumphant or losing sports team. A winning sports team can be such a boost to a city and the deal who live there, to include the thrift, morale, and optimism to name a few. How about we start with an example, the Pittsburgh Pirates. A team who has not been on a winning streak in twenty years, this has boosted the economy in Pittsburgh. More people go to t he games to watch this winning team and they spend more time and money in the city. It has been proven in cities with winning sports teams that depression, anxiety, suicide and crime has all been decreased when their sports teams are on a winning streak, rather than on a losing streak.In twenty five years, I will be the ripe age of cardinal four years old. I should be many years into my elect career of a registered nurse and hopefully further educated to be a nurse anesthetist. I hopefully have had been blessed to be married and have children of my own by now. At this point I hope to have past on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to the ones I love. Three to four decades from now, I wish to be a active part of society, physically active and hopefully have maintained good health and wellness.My health philosophy is to maintain my physical activity, proper nutrition as well as my emotional and physical health. Combining all of the these together I should be able to have a healthy lifestyle and prosperous life. Physical activity is important therapy for your emotional and well being, it makes you feel good and that you have accomplished a goal that you set for yourself. Maintaining proper nutrition is required to keep up with your physical activity, the better you eat, the better you feel. Eating healthy, natural, and organic foods while staying away from processed foods, carbonated beverages, and fried foods. These bring your emotional and physical health down. My philosophy in life is to feel good, eat good, and educate the importance of health and well being.The health initiative 2020 will hopefully educate more people of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I feel that this initiative will cost more at the principal to educate people across the country but after people are educated, strive to live healthier lives that medical costs will decrease and the health initiative will be achieved.In conclusion, end-to-end my paper I have expressed my philosophical opinion on health and wellness, and what this means to me. I hope to achieve the goals I have set for myself this year as well as into my future.

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“How to Tame a Wild” Tongue Essay Essay

In paragraphs 27 through 34 of Gloria Anzalduas essay How to Tame a Wild Tongue she subtly conveys her let disgust at the invari up to(p) destruction of her Chicano culture by employ the rhetorical strategies of organized syntax, narrative flashbacks, and the incorporation of her native tongue. amidst paragraphs 27 and 30, the syntax conveys Anzalduas deep emotions about her lingual identity element using nighly balanced and declarative sentences. The perfect balanced in noticed in excerpts such(prenominal) as Until I can reconcile pride in my language, I cannot take pride in myself. Until I can accept as legitimate Chicano Texas Spanish, Tex-Mex, and all other languages I speak, I cannot accept the legitimacy of myself. In a series of disordered complex sentences Anzaldua further describes her longing for lingual acceptance by stating I will have my voice Indian, Spanish, white.I will have my serpents tongue my womans voice, my sexual voice, m y poets voice. By organizing h er sentences in this way, she draws the commentators attention to the fact that she is virtually unable to accept herself without her own language being accepted as it is a part of her. In this way the reader is able to sympathize with the springs lack of self-realization and is able to more fully understand the authors indignation with the dissection of her mother-tongue.Anzaldua employs the efficacious tactic of a narrative flashback to further instill an empathetic emotion in the reader. She recounts her stunned amazement upon reading her first Chicano novel urban center of Night. Soon after that she is exposed to more Chicano literature an unconstipated poetry, and with each exposure she gains a feeling of pure joy and a sense of belonging. Here, she targets a the basic human emotion of lacking to be accepted among a group for who we truly are as opposed to what others want us or think us to be. much(prenominal) a plea for acceptance is an easy concept for the reader t o join to, and thus this method serves to draw the reader into the authors in the flesh(predicate) predicament and promote her feelings of resentment at the degradation of her native culture.The author does a wonderful job of incorporating her own language into the essay as a whole. She does so in a way that, even non-Spanish oral presentation readers, can understand the gist of the message she is trying to convey. Also by integrating her native language into the essay she expresses its importance to her. In lines such as People who were to amount to something didnt go to Mexican movies, or bailes, or tune their radios to bolero, rancherita, and corrido music, Anzaldua is not obligated to translate the demise three delivery as the context of the passage reveals the basic meanings of those words to an acceptably understandable degree. Her incorporation of her language is al to the highest degree seen as an crusade for her to personally save or even resurrect the language tha t she prefers most and wishes others would accept as justifiable so she herself can come to crap her own legitimacy.Throughout her essay, Anzaldua keeps to her course of trying to express her sadness at her cultures disassembling through several rhetorical devices, notably those of syntax, flashback, and by including the language she is most comfortable with. With these tactics she is able to better reach the average reader on a personal level and to gain their empathy in her hopes of preserving/reinstating her disappear culture.

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Managing Overtime Worked in the Workplace

In the following report, I depart be give illustrations and possible solutions for an overburdening worry that exists in the U.S. postal service operations throughout the country. extra time is an age-old problem that has g whizness long remiss without someone or a group paying serious fear to correcting this problem.The United States postal Service is a large organization with many an(prenominal) facets of operations I will be concentrating on what we c tout ensemble the athletic field Operation or Area Office. This is where the public stomach laids into ain contact with the Postal Service either by way of the individual letter holder ( get downman) or the window clerk who assists with business transacted at the post confidence. every(prenominal) community across America has a Post Office. We are one of the most visible employers in the world. The U.S. Postal Service employs approximately 750 g-force diverse people. Many different cultures and nationalities come togeth er to combine as an efficient fetchforce that gets the job done. The pay is moderate, so it would be sensibly strong to become independently wealthy operative for the Postal Service. But, thither are some employees that believe if they work, as much extra time as possible, maybe they can become rich. Unfortunately, this poses a daily obstacle to crucify for most jitneys in the U.S. Postal Service.The U.S. Postal Service is a output driven outfit in that respectfore everything is based on production verses speak to ratio. The average work daylight for a postal employee is eight moments. It does not go a genius to figure out that the long it takes to do the job, the more(prenominal) money is made. So, the employee that desires more money would be motivated to take longer to complete his or her assigned occupation(s).Historically, the Postal Service has been plagued with managers that were not patient in doing their jobs with regard to overtime concern. Because of thi s clusters of employees became accustomed to a Carte Blanche way of working. Employees were in effect managing the overtime and work production. During my career as a letter pallbearer, I completed my assigned tasks within my eight-hour shift working overtime only when deemed necessary by my manger.When I became a manager, I expected everyone who worked for me to have the same work ethics that I had. If this was not case, I attempted to force them to work as hard as I did. I later found out that this was not a good management approach. In fact, this was the easiest way to harvest disgruntle employees. here was my dilemma I was the new young manager who expected an ripe days work, for an honest days pay, paired with a staff that had been allowed to do whatever they wanted for the past ten years. The emplacement of my first management assignment had 90 percent of the employees working an average of 10-16 hours of overtime per week. My achievement as a manager as head as well as the production performance for our post was based on the tot of manpower hours used to deliver the total volume of mail.I will establish information about the systems put in place that worked as a check and balance format. These systems enabled me to demonstrate to my employees that my betokens were not unfair or un conditionable. I will reason the theater of operationss that the employees were able to assist in constituent to aleve the excessive use of overtime. I will also discuss in detail areas that contri exactlyed to the excessive use of overtime that did not overwhelm my employees. With implementation of the new systems, my office has reduced its overtime to 14 percent.  date controlling overtime may seem as easy as just making an announcement that no one is allowed to work overtime this is very far from true in the U.S. Postal Service area offices. There are many variables that come into play, the first of which is staffing. In target to do a good job the offic e must be properly staffed. We have percentage break go acrosss that factor in amounts of attack aircraft toter routes amounts of deliveries per travel rapidly code that derives to an employee complement. each office has a number that satisfies their complement. If for any reason a particular office is operating under their complement that educates the task a more difficult. Any office can be beauteous one week and short the next, due to retirement, injuries, or details to key a few. If any of the aforementioned were to occur a manager could request replacement for these employees, whether they will be granted or not is other story.Then we have the day-in day-out mystery of who will call in on sick contribute. Having any of these instances to take place in a accustomed day can simply cripple an operation. If we take a pallbearer operation anywhere in the world that has 35 city carrier routes and 4 carriers call in sick on a Monday, that manager now has to scramble to get c overage for those four vacant routes. It is not like other organizations where your work can carry over by one day the mail must be delivered daily without exception. This makes it difficult to get the work done in an eighthour day for the remaining employees. The first thing the manager must do is to skirt four employees who would normally have the day off and ask them to come in and work their day off. Bare in mind that the U.S. Postal Service has something called an overtime Desired List, a voluntary list of employees who aspiration to work overtime on assignments.When the manager telephones employees to come in on their day off, he must first call those on the Overtime Desired List. If the manager does not get four employees from the list, he may then exercise the option to call employees not on the Overtime Desired List. The only alternative to this situation is to have employees already present complete their assignments and pitch in to help deliver the vacant assignments. The benefit of this situation is that it allows you to minimize your overtime usage for the day. If the manager was able to get four employees from the Overtime Desired List to come he has mechanically used 32 hours of overtime for that day. By having employees already present work additional hours, you are able to use far less overtime for that day.This is an area I feel managers need to stress to their bosses so that all efforts are exhausted in hiring more employees for offices to operate under their complement. The precedent mentioned example could have been avoided had that office been properly staffed. A fully complemented office would have unassigned employees who would have been given those assignments for the day avoiding the need for overtime. In indian lodge to be a successful office you must be fully complemented. When I was finally able to get my office fully complemented my overtime was reduced by 10% 30% as shown in the graph below.The U.S. Postal Service has an other formula that we use to pot an employees production. There is a standard based on demo ability. We can not hold Carrier A to Carrier Bs standards. This formula is for telling earn and flats (magazines, newspapers, etc.). The formula allows 1 hour to sort 2 feet of letter mail. This is 2 running(a) feet, 2 linear feet equals 454 pieces of letter mail or 230 pieces of flat mail. So in order to standardize an employee the manager must count out 2 feet of mail, letters or flats, and calculate the amount of time it takes the employee to sort this mail.The average carrier has no problem at all meeting this quota, but there are those who attempt to outsmart their managers. If the manager is not focused on them during the variety period there are those carriers who have the tendency to leave their areas to socialize among their coworkers, or slow sort their mail. The longer it takes a carrier to sort his mail, the longer it takes that carrier to get out of the office on the street to deliver this mail, making this same carrier late in returning from his assignment guaranteeing this carrier overtime for the day. You multiply this by some(prenominal) carriers in one office daily and you come up with an unexplainable amount of overtime usage as a manager. This affects your production add up for the office as a whole.This where a manager has to jump in and approach the individual carriers immediately. As a manager I that this has keep to, I have approached the individual and asked some very basic questions to make certain that there are no health or mortalal issues going on with the carrier affecting their productiveness. If nothing out of the general exists, I point out that they are not meeting their productivity quota and make certain suggestions to assist them in meeting their quota. There are those times when you are challenged as a manager to verify your findings. When those situations arise, I go out and measure, with the carrier present, the genuin e number of feet of mail for them to sort and time them sorting this mail. Once you demonstrate to your employees that you are only expecting from them what is minimally required, and that you will hold them accountable for just that you run into this type of problem less and less.Another major contributor to overtime usage is the actual mail flow itself. Most days this is not a problem, but when it is a problem it is usually a big problem. In northern Virginia we have two mail distribution centers, one in Merrifield and one in Dulles. For the Falls Church Post Offices, we receive our mail from Merrifield. Each morning we receive 3 dispatches of mail from 600 a.m. to 830 a.m. When these dispatches are on time everything runs smoothly, but when these dispatches are late an office goes from running smoothly to being hectic.One of the main reasons for a slow up dispatch is the mechanical failure of a mail-processing machine in Merrifield. In preparing itself for the new millenium, th e U.S. Postal Service Distribution Centers are equipped with sophisticated automated mail processing machines that do the job of ten employees sorting mail. In the event of a mechanical failure, one of our dispatches can be delayed by 1 2 hours. This 1 2 hour delay is passed along to my operation in 1 2 hours of down time for my carriers while they are waiting for their mail to deliver. That equals approximately 1 2 hours of unforeseen overtime per employee that day. As demonstrated in the graph below this is a large usage of overtime for an entire office when calculated. The combination of mail volume and properly scheduled mail dispatches is decisive in minimizing overtime.In closing, I would suggest that as we approach a new millenium the U.S. Postal Service would be better served by doing extraneous with some of the older ways of thinking. The Overtime Desired List should be dismantled. This forces managers to go outside of the employees already present for work as a first solution to a vacant assignment list. To me this encourages overtime usage. I would also suggest for offices receiving mail dispatches late at least 3 times a week to move their scheduled time for mail receipt back and bring their carriers in a little later to accommodate for the dispatch schedules. For example if an office has consistently been receiving their dispatches an hour late, kinda of having the carriers report to work at 630 a.m. they would move the carriers reporting times up to 730 a.m. instead eliminating that hour of downtime per person that they are losing.

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A Fledgling’s Masterpeice Essay

Citizen Kane is widely hailed as the great American charge and with good reason. From its complex narrative structure to pi unityering photography to its incredibly gamy use of sound, surface 1941 enter remains one of the most advance(a) movies ever to come out of a Hollywood studio. Even instantly Citizen Kane stands out as one of the great cinemas of all in all time.Unfolding just about entirely in flashback, Welless masterpiece presents various perspectives on the oversized life of the recently deceased Charles Foster Kane. Through the reminiscences of friends, family, and coworkers, the call for moves from Kanes childhood to his rambunctious adolescence, from the heights of his success to the depths of his isolation. All the term there is a search for clues to Kanes mysterious last countersignature Rosebud. The puzzling phrase drives the tale, but ultimately it is only a meaning of exploring the directs real theme the impossibility of truly arrangement any benevol ent being.In the photographic film Kane (Orson Welles, who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay) is disjointed from his pargonnts as a child and made heir to an enormous fortune. advent of age, he decides to run a newspaper, sensationalizing the news and considering himself to be the voice of the people. With ambitions beyond publishing, he runs for sensitive York Governor, and later promotes the singing career of his second married woman Susan. He also builds Xanadu, an extravagant palace that is never finished. These various ambitions fail, and Kane dies a wealthy but spiritually broken man.When William Randolph Hearst (multimillionaire and media tycoon) got wind of what 25-year-old Orson Welles was creating at RKOs film studio, he feared his life was the inspiration for the main character. In response Hearst and his newspapers employed all their influence to try and stop Citizen Kanes 1941 release. stern OHara of Newsweek addresses just this controversy in his review of Citizen Kane. He begins by stating that Citizen Kane is the finest film that he has ever seen and that Orson Welles is the greatest factor ever. This is a bold record to make at the time because it was printed sooner the film was released and before any kind of public consensus could be made. OHaras observation would turn out to be somewhat true. His reasons for promoting Citizen Kane are no to a greater extent than pure enthusiasm and support for a film that impressed him greatly. He states that his intension is to make you want to see the picture that he believes to be as good a picture as was ever made. (OHara 60)OHara seems to be more of an excited lover than a film critic. His unbridled enthusiasm is evident in every(prenominal) sentence of his review. He appears to be an admirer of Orson Welles just as much as the movie itself. He states that Citizen Kane lacks nothing. Later in the article, as if to be reassuring, he says that aside from what it does lack Citizen Kan e has Orson Welles. He compares Welles to artists like F. Scott Fitzgerald who had gone unrecognized until after his death. He ends his article with the statement that there has never been a better actor than Orson Welles and wherefore repeats that very statement. (OHara 60)The controversy surrounding Citizen Kane and W. R. Hearst is also addressed by Bosely Crowther of the New York Times. He says that suppression of this film would be a crime. tho unlike OHara, Crowther seems a little more critical of the film. He says that Welles abundance of imagery is so great that it sometimes gets in the way of his logic. He also claims that the film fails to provide a actualise picture of the character and motive behind the man whom the whole film revolves.(Crowther 5)Aside from the few critical points, Crowther was very complimentary towards Citizen Kane. He comments on the excellent direction of Mr. Welles and the sure and penetrating performances of the entire cast.Crother feels that Ci tizen Kane is one of the most realistic takes on the cinema to date. He describes it as cynical, ironic, oppressive, and realistic. Citizen Kane has more vitality than fifteen other films we could name. (Crowther5)The New Yorkers John marsh also is very complimentary of Citizen Kane, but for much more technical reasons. He addresses the many aspects of the film that set it apart from all others.Since movies hitherto have commenced with a cast list and a abundant directory of credits, we are promptly jolted out of our seats when Citizen Kane ignores this convention and slides at once into the film. He believes that this formal difference is revolutionary enough to turn up Welles independence from convention. This independence, like fresh air, sweeps on and on by means of the movie.(Marsh 79)Marsh also comments on Welles method of storytelling with the use of repetition and flashing scenes. With a few breakfast scenes, the progress of a wedding party is shown as specifically as if we had read the wifes diary. To Marsh something new has come to the movie world at last. He believes that the films triumphant quality is that although Kane is presented as a villainous miser, the human touch is not lost. Sympathy for the preposterous Mr. Kane survives.All three of these writers grapple a similar opinion about Citizen Kane. Individually they each value different aspects of the film. John OHara is intoxicated with the performance of Orson Welles, both in front and behind the camera. Bosely Crowther discusses the reality of the film itself. John Marsh believes that its unconventional approach is what will set Citizen Kane apart from other movies in the future. Although each writer praises different aspects of the movie they all agree that Citizen Kane is a film that will drastically alter the film making processfrom without delay on.

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Eng 221 Critique Essay

The rule iR1210 is an All-in-One office printer intentional to make an office more rich. It to a fault has with it a six-page owners manual of arms have intercourseing to inform the owner of m all features of this printer and how it push aside make a persons work around the office more wareive by having this printer.This paper will provide critiques of the owners manual for the iR1210. The criteria for this critique will be in the following areas, Audience Recognition, Introduction, color, expert interpretation, and Graphics. The link to find the manual is by going to and clicking on the Canon iR1210 link and that will enable allone to download the manual.In writing a manual the goal is to offer customer support. Audience Recognition is a counseling to decide what to say and how to say. The writer removes to recognize who the contributors are and give them what they want. The iR1210 manual does do very good job training in very simple terms what the iR1210 is capable of doing for the reader.The writing is very clear and to the point and eliminates using any jargon that the reader whitethorn understand. The one downside for the audience recognition it does not have any study on how to use the product. It only sincerely gives the readers highlights of the product so it does want a bit of thoroughness.An Introduction to a manual is a bureau to promote good customer-company relationships. It is a way to personalize the manual and to strive a positive customer contact. The iR1210 manual does an outstanding job of personalizing the manual. It does purify to speak directly to the owner of the product by letting them know how much they will be benefiting from this product. One area that the manual can improve in is its use of positive words. The manual does not really make the reader feel like the company is glad they bought their product.The Glossary is a way for the manual to let the reader know what they are referrin g to if they are using any abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols in the instruction of the products. The iR1210 manual does avoid needing any glossary because it does a very good job of avoiding using any abbreviations, acronyms, or symbols that the reader may not understand. It does lack any real technical instruction in the manual, and there is not any glossary in the manual.Manuals will contain a Technical Description of the product it could be an explanation or a labeling of the product. May also embarrass a list of the products specifications, such as size, shape, capacity, and capability of the product. The iR1210 has a large list of product specifications, which can be very useful for the owner. It however does not include any benign of photo labeling each part of the system. Some owners may find that helpful to locate different parts of the product.Graphics are a way to make the instruction more visually appealing, and can help the reader understand instruction easier. Th e iR120 manual does have a number of photos of the product in different work type settings. But it does not include any kind of instruction on how to use the photo with the photos. boilers suit the manual for the iR120 is a very well done. It does highlight the features of the product and does a very good with audience recognition and personalizing the product. The area that the manual does need to improve on is the instruction of the product. It seems to be more focused on a person who already has a working knowledge of the product. An owner, who may not have the same knowledge, may find the manual miss proper instruction on how to use the product.

Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services Essay

In this article the proponent states I found that when running(a) with such nodes, my role as counselling is more akin to a special type of travel companion who is entrusting to understand and love the process of walking along a sacred animation path. This is the solo means I put up effectively help a client explore the deeper dimensions of the self that ar world ch whollyenged. As the heros companion I mustiness be willing to share in the clients pain as well as new, and much unexpected, discoveries. (Halstead, 2000) The counselor learned that he needed to be a companion non a guide. He in any case learned that no way out how hard a turn onuation is or no matter how some(prenominal) times some angiotensin-converting enzyme tells you that you cannot do something, if you suck the willpower and want to, you can overcome anything you encounter on tones journey.As the counselor, we must show the client that we are there for them and not tell them what they should be doing or how they should handle a certain situation. In the future, I bump the counselor will be more supportive of the decisions his clients make. As a counselor, we may sometimes feel that the client should do something one way and try to push them towards it but in the stop over the client actually does know what is go around for them. There are so many pile the like Steve in The Heros Journey, who are told they will neer be able to do something and they work hard, overcome eery blockage thrown their way and prove everyone wrong.I believe that everyone we come in contact with changes us in one way or the other. I believe everyone has a story that can help the next person. I have a best friend who called me one day and was relation me about this girl she knew who had lost everything, kids, house, car, job, everything someone can lose, she had lost it. My best friend starts cogent me that this girl had turned to drugs, prostitution, living on the streets and had als o mentioned suicide a few times. My best friend told me that she felt like if this girl was to hear my story then it would help her so I told her to bring this girl to my house. They get to my house and I immediately precious to cry because when I looked at this girl, I seen what I looked like eleven years ago.She was about 511 and maybe 100 pounds, her impertinence was sunk in and you could tell she had not had a shower in a long time. I got her something to eat and drink and then told her my story. I told her about how I was raised Pentecostal by my grandmother who taught me upright from wrong. I neer wanted for anything growing up and had a family that love me just like she did. When I turned 18 years old, I started doing drugs, prostitution, creation beaten almost on a daily bag by a man who I thought loved me, being rapped on several occasions, almost killed three different times, dying from a drug/alcohol overdose but the doctors were able to bring me back, being sent to prison while I was pregnant for something I didnt do, having my son in prison and losing custody of him and how I turned my life around when I got out of prison.While I am telling my story to this sad and lost girl, she is crying the whole time and I know it is because she is just a younger version of me. I was told that I would never be anything but a failure at life and would never amount to anything but looking at my life now, you would never know that I had went through any of that unless I told you. Today, this girl has her kids back, a beautiful home, making about $50,000 a year, a husband who authentically loves her and she says it is because my story gave her the strength she needed to turn her life around.When we got done that night, she looked at me and said, Thank you for sharing your story with me, it has given me the hope and strength that I have been looking for to turn my life around. I wanted to end my life and just be done with it all. That night she promised me s he was not outlet to stop fighting and she didnt. So yes, I believe with all my meaning that most people you come in contact with change you in some way.Steve states in the article that, I really grew up because of all this. Before the attack I was going nowhere. Now I have a direction. (Halstead, 2000) His challenges gave him a greater sensitivity to others neexplosive detection system who were recovering from strokes and mentality injuries. (Halstead, 2000) I believe that having a counselor who believed in him also helped Steve to not give up. Steve had been told by doctor after doctor that he would ceaselessly be limited to things he would be able to do. Having just one person tell him that he could do anything he put his sagacity to, gave him the extra push he needed to overcome those limitations the doctors had given him. I feel that both Steven and the counselor benefited from this relationship.When Steves psychiatrist called the counselor, I do not feel the psychiatr ist had a right to discuss Steve with the counselor without his permission. I do feel the counselor did right by not going into details about his sessions with Steve and waited until Steve returned to school to speak with him about it. However, when the counselor seen that Steve was depressed and thinking about suicide when he received his inclination semester grades, the counselor had a responsibility to Steve to seek help from someone else. In the Ethical Standards for homophile Service Professionals it states that if it is suspected that danger or persecute may occur to the client or to others as a proceeds of a clients behavior, the human dish professional acts in an appropriate and professional manner to protect the safety of those individuals.This may engage seeking consultation, supervision, and/or breaking the confidentiality of the relationship. (National Organization for human being Services, n.d) If I ever have a client that is thinking about suicide, I will talk t o my supervisor and ask for his help in coming up with a plan to help my client, maybe ask my supervisor to sit in on a session with me and talk to the client as well.Because of the personal nature of their work, human service workers at all levels are held to a code of ethics that protects the rights and dignity of clients and establishes standards of practice. (Sessoms, n.d) The National Organization of Human Service ethical standards places a responsibility on human service workers that have for their clients, the community, colleagues, employers, the profession and the human service worker themselves. The National familiarity of Social Workers approaches ethics through a core set of values, which accept service, dignity and worth of the person, social justice, integrity and competence. (Sessoms, n.d)ReferenceHalstead, R. W. (2000). FROM TRAGEDY TO mirth COUNSELOR AS COMPANION ON THE HEROS JOURNEY. Retrieved from http// =5b062172-ddf2-4c9d-a107-d6387c05f54b%40sessionmgr198&hid=115&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmU%3ddb=aph&AN=2768884 National Organization for Human Services. (n.d.). Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Retrieved July 5, 2014, from http// Sessoms, G. (n.d.). Code of Ethics for Human Service Workers. Retrieved July 5, 2014, from http//http//

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Analysis of a Mapping Programme: Neogeography

pre displaceationNeogeography, literally intending new geography is fundamentally a do-it-yourself function scheduling, which is dep arture progressively popular and agentful straightaway ( ) . In the past, making maps online was left to the GIS specializers who knew the art and linguistic communication of GIS ( C. Morais, 2007 ) . Neogeography, on the otherwise manus finish be apply by virtually anyone with no aptitude or makings required in function, because of this almost respect neogeography to be a subset of GIS, sequence others consider neogeography to hold killed GIS ( A. Turner, 2006 ) . Neogeography is fun as one commode make things such as portion the positioning of their first gear buss, or vacation, neer once more get out(a) one battle to conceive where a exposure was taken ( A. Turner, 2006 ) . In a nutshell, neogeography is all about mickle utilizing and making their ain maps, sharing instruction and stances with household and friends every bit solid as geotagging examines of vacations, while obtaining utile cleverness of that location.NeogeographyGeocoding is of conditional relation in neogeography as they pull up stakes co-ordinates of a location, which can so be processed ( A. Turner, 2006 ) . For interpreter, when users post a image to applications such as Facebook or Instagram, it in any event lets them label the location where the image was taken and and so, cognition is gained in this manner. Some f satisfactorys of neogeography is Google Maps, Google world, Yelp, SaveMe999, OneMap, OpenStreetMap, UCrime among others ( A. Coote and L. Rackham, 2008 ) . firearm for each one of these use up their utility, neogeography as well comes with the reason to destruct.Neogeography-hit or lose?The advantages of neogeography is legion and each neogeography application has its ain specific power that makes a users brio easier. For illustration, the SaveMe999 application designed in Malaysia, specifically to turn to the handicapped residential area peculiarly the deaf and deaf-and-dumb person ( R. Anas, 2013 ) . Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage to the handicapped citizens, as SaveMe999 uses GPS cultivation in the users smartphone to place the partys location when they call and therefore go to can be sent to the the right way reference as location is one of the most of import facets in directing an exigency receipt ( R. Anas, 2013 ) . handicapped people can hence be more independent, every bit obedient as feel more prophylactic and secure.Google Maps and Google humans is another great illustration of neogeography. Google Maps is utile such that it shows waies from one location to another, all by auto, motorcycle or walking by demoing the relevant highroad maps. It anyway shows the expected clip that it will take the user to make their coda and one of the most utile character of the Google map is that it can be viewed in three different manners terrain, a normal m ap position and satellite position ( M. Cornock, 2011 ) . One can besides custom-make their ain maps in Google maps which can be saved, loaded or printed out at any clip ( L. Storm, 2007 ) . Google Maps, neverthe little, promotes communicating isolation, as before Google Maps verbal waies was an of import accomplishment to possess and understand save with the explosion and turning popularity of Google Maps verbal waies ar deceasing out ( L.Storm, 2007 ) .Google hide out meanwhile, shows orbiter and joyous conceit of the specified location in 3D. This is employ for many positive effects. For illustration, the human beings Wide Fund uses it to protect the Sumatran Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, alleviation workers uses it for crisis response after natural catastrophe, and it is besides used for environmental emersions such as pollution.Possibly, the finest illustration of how Google Maps and Google Earth came to assist an environmental issue is the instance of the Appala chian Mountaintop remotion, in which excavation companies removed the tops of mountains in rewrite to mine for coal. By utilizing Google Earth and Google Maps conservationists were able to analyze the graduated table of a really dramatic environmental chisel and was besides able to pass on this issue to the people in the community who so took action to protect their mountains ( Google Earth Outreach, 2010 ) . In the 10 yearss following the bend of the Appalachian Mountaintop Removal bed in Google Earth, more than 13,000 people signed an on-line(a) request to halt mountaintop removal ( Google Earth Outreach, 2010 ) . Therefore, it can be seen how Google Map and Google Earth is used for positive impacts.However, Google Earth and Google maps can be misused. One of the most concerning factors is secretiveness and security, the fact that anyone can happen anything is kinda dismaying particularly for safety grounds. another(prenominal) disadvantage of Google Earth and Google Map involve inaccuracy of information, unavailability as users need right Personal computer demands and cyberspace, less genuine states are ill represented every bit good ( S. Myer, 2010 ) . Furthermore, satellite imagination can capture images that are non delighting to the centre such as force or is a free online service that provides liberal to read offense maps and have machine-driven qui vives for people that attend universities or montages ( A. Coote and L. Rackman, 2008 ) .Users so receive immediate electronic mails if a offense has occurred near a selected college or university and in this manner there is popular safety, besides users can supply tips and thoughts to assist work out offense in the country in which they operate in ( A. Coote and L. Rackman, 2008 ) .Some general advantages neogeography has to a user are it helps users locate topographic points found on other peoples stations, it besides increases reason of geographics since anyone can larn h ow to employ and make their ain maps, moreover, neogeography allows everyone to lend to the information of the digital universe and immense sums of informations and information is made available by users ( A. Schuyler, 2009 ) . victimisation neogeography saves clip and money for concerns and organisations and eventually, possibly the superior advantage of neogeography is that anyone can make maps, they do non necessitate to hold makings or be a professional in function.On the other manus, there are besides several disadvantages in neogeography and one of the biggest adventure of neogeography is its informations note its truth, completeness, consistence, and quality confidence ( A. Coote and L. Rackham, 2008 ) . Since users take the maps the information might be aggrieve and undependable, this can severe effects, for illustration when be aftering a holiday. Besides, when making the maps the Godheads can either add to a fault much excess information or possibly excessively downhearted, lending to the deficiency of completeness of the information ( A. Coote and L. Rackham, 2008 ) . Neogeographic datasets makes small mention to quality confidence, some maps created utilizing neogeography have no 1 to supervise the quality and dependability of the maps ( A. Coote and L. Rackham, 2008 ) . Security and privateness as discussed before is another disadvantage, as sometimes it so happens that when users create the maps, they may wander up informations from private locations which the proprietors might dislike. Finally, the enlargement of the digital universe could intend less geographic expedition in the literal universe, people might worsen in sing things foremost manus as they can research topographic points online in neogeography and therefore, people may bit by bit go stray from the live universe.DecisionIn decision, neogeography, if non exploited helps us a great trade and the futurity of neogeography is in our custodies and we have a chance to util ize it or misapply that power. germ ListAndrew Coote and Les Rackham. ( 2008 ) . Neogeography data quality-is it an issue? ONLINE for sale at hypertext guide protocol // fibre+-+is+it+an+issue+-+V1_1.pdf. Accessed 28ThursdayFebruary 15 Andrew J. Turner. ( 2006 ) Introduction to Neogeography. OReilly Media, Inc. pp. 2Caitlin Dempsey Morais. 2007. Neogeography. ONLINE in stock(predicate) at hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 03 jar against 15 .Earth Outreach. ( 2009 ) . Appalachian Mountaintop Removal in Google Earth &038 A Maps. Online Video . 07 whitethorn 2009. Available from hypertext transfer protocol // watch out? v=aiSzOiGFa-0. Accessed 19 February 15 .Google Outreach. 2010. Appalachian Voices. ONLINE Available at hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 19 February 15 .Laurel Storm. 2 011. Disadvantages &038 A Advantages of Using Google Maps Website. ONLINE Available at hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 04 March 15 .Rozinah Anas. ( 2013 ) . SAVEME999 Application-Asia Geospatial Forum. ONLINE Available at % 20Anas.pps. Accessed 27ThursdayMarch .

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Skoog Solution of Chapter 15

Crouch Principles of slavish Analysis, 6th ed. Chapter 15 Instructors Manual CHAPTER 15 15-1. In a fluorescence venting spectrum, the annoyance wavelength is held constant and the emission brashness is noticed as a function of the emission wavelength. In an provocation spectrum, the emission is streakd at wholeness wavelength while the excitation wavelengths are s merchant shipned. The excitation spectrum closely resembles an compactness spectrum since the emission inspiration is usu on the wholey proportionate to the absorbance of the pin pip. 15-2. a) Fluorescence is the exploit in which a tinge, ablaze by the absorption of radioactivity, emits a photon while undergoing a passing from an excited vest electronic solid ground to a pull down democracy of the kindred wrench multiplicity (e. g. , a waistcoat > undershirt transition).Phosphorescence is the solve in which a molecule, excited by the absorption of beam of light, emits a photon while undergoing a t ransition from an excited triplet nominate to a lower verbalise of a different pass multiplicity (e. g. , a triplet > singlet transition). (c) Resonance fluorescence is observed when an excited species emits radiation of he same frequency at used to cause the excitation. (d) A singlet state is cardinal in which the passs of the electrons of an blood cell or molecule are all paired so there is no net spin angular neural impulse (e) A triplet state is cardinal in which the spins of the electrons of an atom or molecule are unpaired so that their spin angular moments add to give a net non-zero moment. (f) Vibrational relaxation is the process by which a molecule loses its special vibrational brawn without emitting radiation. 1 Principles of instrumental Analysis, 6th ed. (g) Chapter 15Internal conversion is the intermolecular process in which a molecule crosses to a lower electronic state with emitting radiation. (h) international conversion is a radiation little process i n which a molecule loses electronic vigour while transferring that energy to the solvent or another solute. (i) Intersystem crossing is the process in which a molecule in one spin state changes to another spin state with nearly the same radical energy (e. g. , singlet > triplet). (j) Predissociation occurs when a molecule changes from a higher electronic state to n upper vibrational level of a lower electronic state in which the vibrational energy is neat enough to rupture the bond. (k) Dissociation occurs when radiation promotes a molecule directly to a state with sufficient vibrational energy for a bond to break. (l) Quantum yield is the subdivision of excited molecules undergoing the process of interest. For example, the quantum yield of fluorescence is the split of molecules which ask absorbed radiation that fluoresce.Chemiluminescence is a process by which radiation is produced as a result of a chemic reaction. 5-3. For spectrofluorometry, the analytical signal F is c omparative to the source intensity P0 and the transducer sensibility. In spectrophotometry, the absorbance A is proportional to the ratio of P0 to P. Increasing P0 or the transducer sensitivity to P0 produces a corresponding attach in P or the sensitivity to P. Thus the ratio does not change. As a result, the sensitivity of fluorescence underside be increased by increasing P0 or transducer sensitivity, but the that of absorbance does not change. 2 Principles of slavish Analysis, 6th ed. Chapter 15 5-4. (a) Fluorescein because of its greater structural locatedity due to the bridging O groups. (b) o,o-Dihdroxyazobenzene because the N=N group provides rigidity that is absent in the NHNH group. 15-5. Compounds that fluoresce have structures that slow the rate of nonradiative relaxation to the point where there is time for fluorescence to occur. Compounds that do not fluoresce have structures that permit quick relaxation by nonradiative processes. 15-6. The triplet state has a lon g life-time and is really susceptible to collisional deactivation.Thus, most phosphorescence measurements are do at low temperature in a rigid matrix or in resolves containing micelles or cyclodextrin molecules. Also, electronic methods must be used to discriminate phosphorescence from fluorescence. Not as many molecules give good phosphorescence signals as fluorescence signals. As a result, the experimental requirements to measure phosphorescence are more difficult than those to measure fluorescence and the applications are not as large.3 Principles of submissive Analysis, 6th ed. 15-7. Chapter 15 4 Principles of subservient Analysis, 6th ed. 5-8. Chapter 15 15-9. Q = quinine ppm Q in diluted sample = carbon ppm ? 245 = 196 125 jackpot Q = 196 mg Q 500 mL ? 100 mL ? = 490 mg Q 10 mL solution 20 mL 3 5 Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 6th ed. 15-10. cQ = A1csVs (448)(50 ppm)(10. 0 mL) = = 145. 45 ppm ( A2 ? A1 )VQ ( 525 ? 448) (20. 0 mL) Chapter 15 145. 45 ppm ? 1 mg qui nine 1 g solution ? ? 1000 mL = 145. 45 mg quinine 3 1 mL 1 ? 10 g solution 0. 225 g Q ? 100% = 3. 43% 4. 236 g tablet 15-11. deport that the luminescent intensity L is proportional to cx, the tightness of iron out in the original sample.Then, L1 = kcxVx / Vt where Vx and Vt are the hatful of sample and of the final solution, and k is a proportionality constant. For the solution later on humanitarian of Vs mL of a standard of concentration cs, the luminescence L2 is L2 = kcxVx / Vt + kcsVs / Vt Dividing the second equation by the first yields, after rearrangement, cx = L1csVs (14. 3)(3. 58 ? 10? 5 )(1. 00) = = 1. 35 ? 10? 5 M ( L2 ? L1 )Vx (33. 3 ? 14. 3)(2. 00) 15-12. Assume that the luminescence intensity L is proportional to the partial pressure of S* . 2 We may then release L = kS* 2 and K = S* H 2 O4 2 SO 2 2 H 2 4 where the bracketed hurt are all partial pressures and k and K are constants.The two equations can be combined to give after rearrangement 6 Principles of In strumental Analysis, 6th ed. Chapter 15 SO 2 = H 2 O2 H 2 2 L kK In a hydrogen-rich flame, the pressure of water system and H2 should be more or less constant. Thus, SO 2 = k ? L where k? = 1 kK 15-13. The fluorescent center is the rigid quinoline ring, which is rich in ? electrons. 15-14. From Equation 15-7, we can write F = 2. 303 ? f K ??? bcP0 = 2. 303 ? K ??? cP0 ? 0 Dividing both sides by the lifetime ? yields F = 2. 303K ??? bcP0 ? ?0 Since K? , ? , b, ? 0 and P0 are constants, we can write F ? = Kc where K is a compilation of all the constants in the former equation. 7 Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 6th ed. 15-15. (a) Chapter 15 (b) (c) The corrected fluorescence Fcorr would be Fcorr = F? 0/? , where F is the observed fluorescence, ? 0 is the lifetime for Cl = 0. 00, and ? is the observed lifetime. The results are in the spreadsheet. 8 Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 6th ed. Chapter 15 9