Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Oflactory and Gustative Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Oflactory and Gustative Marketing - Assignment Example Most marketing activities in hotels adopt a visual marketing since there is a deep connection between brands and customer involvement. Due to the increase in competition in businesses today, many marketers have employed the olfactory stimuli to capture the attention of buyers. Olfactory marketing makes the customers linger longer in retail surrounding, and this lures them to making impulse purchases. Scent marketing has become a fast emerging trend in marketing. The trend recognizes the need for companies to strive and reach their target customers through sight and sound. As Kimmel (2010) noted, difficulties faced by marketers in trying to reach the audience makes scent-related marketing understandable. The principle behind the olfactory branding is uniqueness and consistency (Dooley, 2012). Controlling the olfactory environment is there necessary since people tend to associate smells with products or the store. To support the olfactory marketing, companies should consider using olfactory packaging on their products. Olfactory packaging is way of packing products in a manner that appeal to the sense of smell (Kimme l, 2012). Many researchers have been trying to investigate the effect that the olfactory sign exert on clients and the approach behaviors they were exhibiting. The researchers observed that products in the scented store remained for a short period as compared to those in unscented store. Merchandise evaluations showed that the intention to purchase a backpack while no scent was present was only 2.29 while after the application of the scent the scale rose to 2.97. The researcher findings proved that odors and their many features have the capability of affecting a customer’s perception of services and products (Cherish & Oktavian, 2012). One can conclude by saying that adequate scent exploitation is of great importance in marketing and other business activities. Gustative

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