Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Personal Ethics Development Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Ethics Development - Research Paper Example Ethics of a person is developed from a tender age. Majority of people learn about ethical behavior from home, school, and church among other institutions. In addition, a person’s ethical conduct also developed through the people that exist in the life of a person. Ethical behavior is developed at childhood. Nonetheless, ethical behavior keeps on developing as a person’s matures (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). The behavior I came to adapt is the normative ethics. This kind of ethical behavior assisted in my decision making in addition, through ethical conduct I could differentiate between right and wrong. Throughout my life, normative, ethical conduct has been my foundation and it has assisted in my growth and development. Normative ethics is more practical and assist in enhancing moral standards and norms. In addition, through normative ethics one is able to differentiate between right and wrong. Good habits and appropriate moral behavior also enhanced by normative, ethical c onduct. In addition, normative, ethical behavior also teaches a person that every moral behavior followed by consequences of the action (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). Therefore, both the negatives and the positives moral conduct have their impacts in life. I am more of a practical person and this kind of ethics has been my foundation for years. My self-esteem and moral conduct throughout my life have been guided by normative, moral behavior. I have encountered people with different moral values and principles depending on where the person came from and the people involved in the person’s life. My parents and the spiritual leaders in the church are the people involved in building my ethical system. My parents were authoritative, and they advised me to lead by example. Further, they taught me not everyone is perfect in life; nonetheless, living in a manner that portrayed respectful behavior in front of people should be my priority. In addition, I was advised to behave in accordance to the wishes of Christ. In church, my spiritual leaders would advise the entire congregation, and I â€Å"to practice what we preach†. They recommend the phrase often because they believed ethical conduct could be enhanced through the phrase. Nonetheless, the behavior of the churchgoers surprised me. I did not comprehend their behavior, on Sunday, they would be polite and welcoming, but during the week, they would portray a very different behavior. My parents taught me otherwise and told me living by example should be my priority. Therefore, as I grew I ensured my words and actions were similar. My ethical conduct was significant in my life, behaving according to social norms and beliefs were my priority. Another motivator to my ethical conduct was the bible. I applied the word of God in my daily life incorporated by normative ethical system; therefore, improving my conduct around people and making a wise decision when need arises. Through the bible, I learnt a number of thi ngs that could shape my ethical conduct, in addition, my decision-making criteria also enhanced by the bible. In my development of ethical conduct, I also made mistakes that assisted in shaping me up. When I was a teenager, I made a mistake of going out with my friends without the permission of my parents. I was curious about what people did when they were out, and the only

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